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Integrative Educational Approach towards Using AI and ML in Climate Change Issues

Kolloquiumsvortrag von Frau Adriana Coroiu von der Babes-Bolyai Universität in Rumänien

The paper presents a transdisciplinary approach to teaching and applying AI methods, to mitigate climate change related issues. The proposed method is a course with a student-centred approach, enabling collaborative experiential learning and multi-disciplinary exploration with specialists from different fields of expertise internationally.

The study covered data collected through questionnaires, observations and evaluation, and was proven to stimulate creativity, motivation and innovation in using AI to effectively solve real-life problems, which is the aim of the course.

Fachbereich Informatik; Hauptcampus; L 104 oder online: https://bbb.hochschule-trier.de/b/pro-oc9-p65-urk 

Ort: Raum L 104
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