A Translation Semantics for Driving Simulation Languages

  • Jörn Schneider, Marvin Schneider
    A Translation Semantics for Driving Simulation Languages

    In: Michael, J., Pfeiffer, J. & Wortmann, A. (Hrsg.),
    Software Engineering 2022 Workshops. Bonn: Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.. (S. 70-81)
    19th Workshop Automotive Software Engineering January 2022

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  • Abstract:
    The development of advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving functions requires the usage of driving simulation as integral part of the software engineering process. Moreover, safety standards such as SOTIF (ISO 21448) and legal regulations give driving simulation a key role for the safety validation of automated driving functions by OEMs and Tier-1s as well as independent or governmental institutions. Even as new standards for driving simulation languages come into use, this gives rise to the need for translation tools between different driving simulator languages. Two major challenges in this context for translation tools are hitherto not well addressed: 1. Adaptability to new languages or versions thereof. 2. Correctness of translation. We elaborate on some of the central challenges in this regard, present a prototype of a retargetable translator for driving simulation languages, and a suiting translation semantics, as first cornerstones of a future approach to validate or verify translations.
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