Dr. Roozbeh Babolian Hendijani

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Short presentation

Name: Dr. Roozbeh Babolian Hendijani

Home country: Indonesia

Home university: Bina Nusanatara University

Department at Trier University of Applied Sciences: Business School

Field of study: Gastronomy Tourism

Teaching area: Marketing management in the digital
era, consumer behavior, research methodology

Duration of Stay: November 2023 - December 2023

Are there significant differences between the two universities or countries in terms of teaching or research approaches?

There are notable differences between universities in Germany and Indonesia regarding teaching and research approaches. German universities often emphasize research-intensive teaching, fostering critical thinking, and encouraging independent study. The education system in Germany places a strong emphasis on academic rigor and practical application, with a focus on research-based learning. In Indonesia, while there is also a growing emphasis on research, the teaching approach may include a mix of theoretical and practical elements, often reflecting the cultural and societal context. These differences can impact the teaching and research experiences, requiring adaptation to diverse methodologies, approaches, and expectations in each academic setting. Engaging with both systems provides a valuable opportunity to broaden one's perspective and enhance professional adaptability.

"Cultural richness and alignment with my research goals further solidified TUAS as my ideal host institution."

How did you come to the decision to do a Guest Lectureship / Research Stay Abroad in Germany and at Trier University of Applied Sciences (TUAS)? Furthermore, what was the process like in finding your host university?

I chose a Guest Lectureship/Research Stay at Trier University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) in Germany due to its renowned reputation in my field and its welcoming academic environment. Recommendations from colleagues and communication with TUAS staff affirmed my decision. Cultural richness and alignment with my research goals further solidified TUAS as my ideal host institution.

How did your experience abroad change your perspective on your field of research?

My time in Germany expanded my research perspective by exposing me to diverse methodologies and cultural influences, enriching my understanding of the global implications in my research field.

What is the added value to a guest lectureship abroad, and what excites you about it?

The added value of a Guest Lectureship/Research Stay at TUAS is its distinguished academic environment, and the excitement lies in the opportunity to contribute to a global learning environment while benefiting from exposure to diverse cultures and interacting with students and scholars from different countries.

Has the experience enriched your teaching / research methods? Will you take new teaching or research approaches, and if so, which ones?

My experience abroad enriched my teaching and research methods, inspiring me to incorporate more interactive and practical elements into teaching and embrace interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches in research.

Can you describe a moment during your time abroad that made a lasting impact on you personally or professionally?

A pivotal moment during my time was collaborating on a research project with colleagues from diverse backgrounds. This experience not only enhanced my professional skills but also fostered meaningful connections, providing valuable insights into global perspectives, and leaving a lasting impact on both my personal and professional growth.

How has your time abroad influenced your future goals and aspirations?

My time abroad has profoundly influenced my future goals and aspirations by expanding my global perspective, fostering international collaborations, and inspiring a commitment to incorporating diverse approaches into my research and teaching. This experience has shaped a more interconnected and ambitious vision for my academic endeavors.

Please briefly describe your teaching or research project.

My field of research is gastronomy tourism, and my teaching subjects are marketing management in the digital era, consumer behavior, research methodology, contemporary issues in marketing, tourism management, and introduction to Business, to name a few.

Did you encounter any challenges or obstacles during your time abroad, and how did you overcome them?

While abroad, I encountered a few challenges, such as adjusting to a new cultural and work environment. I
overcame these obstacles by actively seeking support from local colleagues and maintaining open
communication to navigate unfamiliar situations effectively.

What advice do you have for other lecturers/scientists who would like to do a guest lectureship or research stay abroad?

For a successful guest lectureship or research stay abroad, lecturers/scientists should thoroughly research
opportunities, network with professionals in their field, communicate effectively with prospective hosts, prepare culturally, stay flexible, and actively collaborate with local colleagues.

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