Ching-Yang Tseng

My first Mensa experience
Breakfast at Frankfurt trainstation

My arrival in trier

This is my second time to come to Germany, I joined summer semester (2020) and winter semester (2020-2021), and it was lucky for us (Taiwanese) that we don’t have to quarantine for 2 weeks since Taiwan isn’t a high-danger country of Covid-19.  Everything was quite fine this time, but it wasn’t this smooth when I first got here.

On March 18th 2020, I arrived in Frankfurt, since I didn’t have SIM card that could make me go online with the phone, I had to ask passengers or the station staff how to get to the train. Eventually I get to Trier train station, and luckily, I had my student buddy, Jan, picking me to the dormitory. After putting my luggage there, he took me to the supermarket and we bought things we need, and of course a SIM card, I could finally contact to my family.  At the time I didn’t have mobile data, I lost contact with my family, my mother thought I was in some kind of kidnap danger and got really worried and panic, but it was just an hour.  I guess she just loves me too much.

Beside Jan, my neighborhood Tim was really kind and friendly too.  He told me how to get to the supermarket and helped me with getting familiar to the dormitory, and translating some German mails for me.  I really appreciated that. Last but not least, another student buddy of mine, Olivia.  I really love this kind and sweet girl for caring and helping me almost everything, no matter things about school, applying formal documents or some living basic knowledge, she is always willing to help.  Olivia and her roommate, Madga (also a student buddy, but not mine) even held a little birthday party for me in April, that really warmed my heart and not feeling alone in this country.  They sometimes brought me and another student (who was also from the same school as mine) to go for a hike or pottery DIY, which were really fun to do with them. Thanks to these amazing and lovely people, making me feel really warm and not lonely in Trier.

Hi, my name is Ching-Yang Tseng

My friends call me Bella. I’m 22 years old and I come from Taiwan. I love singing, playing instruments (guitar, piano, cajon, ukulele), designing, volleyball, editing videos...etc. I can speak Chinese, English, Japanese (if you are interested in Japanese, welcome to chat with me with it. I studied “cultural vocation development” in National Taipei University of Technology back in Taiwan. Now I’m an exchange student in Intermedia Design in Trier University of Applied Science. Looking so forward to explore more about this beautiful country!

Getting started

I had 6 courses last semester, After Effects, 3D modeling, drawing with code, game theory, audio design, and sketch. I like After Effects the most, teacher Jack really gave us lots of practical skills to learn, and whenever we send him our homework, he always gave us really good feedback. And there was a special class called game theory, we had to actually create a board game. We split to several team, and our team were actually meeting in person for our game, instead of only discus online. We thought that was more efficient, and it really helped. Despite the situation of Covid-19, I think there’s an advantage of having online courses.  Sometimes teacher would record the tutorial, so if we couldn’t get the point, just turn back a few seconds and watch it again, until we understand the skill. But I’m still looking forward to go to the classroom and having courses with classmates!


My Schedule
Learning After Effects
My classmates
Olewig Dormitory
I love the attic
Little kitchen
The Trunks with grooves
Building the Bridge
Balancing on ropes

High Wire Garden (Waldseilgarten)

On 17th Oct, the student buddies arranged an activity for the exchange students.  We went to a place called “Waldseilgarten”, people can experience teamwork and get to know each other more through variety exercises.

We separated to 2 groups, and the first exercise we took, I called it “making the bridges”, there are several cut trunk with 1 or 2 grooves and three wooden sticks with different length, we had to use the sticks to make bridges and let everyone reach the last trunk without falling to the ground.  Furthermore, if the sticks hit the ground, then we couldn’t use that one anymore.  We didn’t make it at the first time because the sticks were really heavy, most of us were girl and didn’t have enough strength to hold the sticks.  But the second time we made it, with more people stand on the bridges, so we could pass the sticks easily.

The second exercise was standing on the wire between trees, and reaching the goal without falling, if you fall, you’ll have to go to the first tree and start again.  This one really needed everyone’s cooperation, helping each other to maintain stable, most of us failed the first try and did it twice, but when it came to the goal, the feeling of achievement was really great!

Last exercise, we finally had to get up high!  We all wore on the equipment, ready to get on about 7 to 10 meters high, and walk on a wire!  First, we get the security rope on the person who had to get up and also a person on the ground, and make sure the rope always stayed on tight, and when the one climb the ladder up, went through the whole wire, he/she would have to stand on the wire again and “seat down” on the air, and the person on the ground would slowly put the security rope back so he/she could land on the ground.  It was really dangerous, but at the same time also very stimulated and so much fun to do!

At the end, we people from different country got to know each other more, and this would be an unforgettable memory of my exchange life.

seated in the air
high in the sky
Exchange students with student buddies
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