Funding Opportunities

There are a variety of funding opportunities for students who would like to spend a semester at a foreign university and/or complete an internship in a company abroad. Students can find a selection of programmes and helpful addresses for financing their stay abroad here.



The Erasmus+ programme is an EU funding programme for studying abroad. Without too many formalities and tuition fees, and with an Erasmus grant to boot, it is possible to afford to study abroad, depending on the existing university partnerships in the respective degree programme.

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PROMOS is also a funding opportunity for students who are interested in studying abroad.

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The Auslands-BAFöG is a way to finance your compulsory or voluntary semester abroad. It supports one to two semesters of study (12 calendar months maximum) abroad, both within and outside Europe. In addition to studying abroad, it is also possible to apply for BAföG for internships abroad. Practical semesters, which are compulsory, are funded under certain conditions.

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a.i.m. rlp

The Agency for International University Mobility (a.i.m. rlp) provides financial support and organisational assistance for internships in other European countries. It is responsible for the application, implementation and evaluation of EU projects within the framework of the ERASMUS programme. The agency helps with the search for internship places, contacting companies, financing, finding accommodation abroad and provides students with a contact person during their stay abroad.

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The DAAD offers a new scholarship programme for university students and teachers who wish to spend a period of study abroad. Funding is provided for study visits and stays abroad as part of a final dissertation. This includes, among other things, a monthly scholarship instalment, a travel allowance as well as benefits for health, accident and personal liability insurance. Participation in trade fairs is supported, among other things, by a travel allowance, a subsidy for conference fees and accommodation costs.

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Scholarships and foundations

Scholarships are offered by many different organisations. It is always worth taking a look at the scholarship overview.

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