The option of specialising from the fourth semester (or third semester for Business Information Systems) offers you the opportunity to specialise in your studies and develop your own interests. In addition to a sound education in the fundamentals of business administration and related subjects, you can create your own individual profile.

1. General information

In the Bachelor's degree programmes in Business Administration and Industrial Engineering and Management with Electrical Engineering, up to two specialisations can be taken and designated. In the Bachelor's degree programmes International Business and Business Information Systems (according to the examination regulations of 2016), one specialisation from each of the following areas can be designated.

2. Possible specialisations

There is a choice of five specialisations:

  • Managerial Accounting
  • Financial Management and Financial Markets
  • Marketing and Corporate Management
  • Organisation and Information Management
  • Auditing, Taxes and Law

Please note that Business Information Systems students do not have the option of choosing the specialisation Organisation and Information Management.

A specialisation is taken and is designated as such if four of the modules assigned to the respective specialisation have been successfully completed. You can find the assignment of the elective courses and seminars to the specialisations in the overview, which is available to download here. Please note that not every course can be used to form a specialisation and that some modules can only be taken as additional voluntary courses.

3. Current electives and seminars

The current elective subjects and seminars of a semester can be found in the current timetable for elective subjects and seminars. In addition to the modules assigned to a specialisation, you can also distinguish yourself through further voluntary achievements, which you can find in the catalogue of elective subjects.

4. Application

At the end of the degree programme (generally not before the last assessment, usually the final thesis or practical project), you can apply for the specialisation(s). Please mark on the thesis registration form whether you would like to have a focus identified or whether the application will be made at a later date. Any courses taken voluntarily are also dealt with using the same form. Please submit the form directly to the Student Services.

If the application for the specialisation or elective subjects is only made after the certificate has been issued, the Student Services Office will charge a processing fee.

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