Scientific Writing

Workshop on Scientific Writing

The Business School regularly offers a workshop on writing seminar papers and theses, which always takes place on two days during the lecture-free period. The following contents are covered and deepened with the help of many examples and exercises.

Day 1

  • The seminar or final paper: Components and formal rules
  • Citing correctly and avoiding plagiarism
  • Researching information
  • Implementing formal requirements in Microsoft Word (presentation of the department's template)

Day 2

  • Scientific writing style
  • Analysis of a writing sample (excerpt from the foundations chapter of a Bachelor's thesis)
  • Writing exercise: systematic approach to a case study, elements of academic writing

Registration for the workshop is possible at any time via  Stud.IP.

Word template for academic papers

The department also provides a Word template for academic papers, which meets the basic formal requirements in its structure as well as in the outline levels and lists included and can be used by you directly.

The template also contains helpful tips and tricks for dealing with your topic in terms of content and form as well as for practical use.

Tools for literature research and acquisition

In addition to the search tools listed and categorised below, we recommend the following one-hour video on literature research, which Dr. Stefan Bagusche compiled for our neighbouring department of Computer Science. Regardless of the subject area for which this video was produced, Dr. Bagusche provides detailed information on all paths and options that are basically available to you as a student at Trier University of Applied Sciences and also discusses the demands and challenges that always apply to a systematic literature search. We strongly recommend the contents of this video as particularly relevant:

Viedo for literatur research (IN GERMAN)

In order to access the following tools, which are very helpful, you must either be directly in the university network or establish a VPN connection from outside:

  • Business Source Premier: Powerful tool for researching and obtaining articles from business and economics journals with a focus on English-language sources.
  • Springer Link: A tool for the fast acquisition of textbooks, reference books and articles from the renowned Springer Verlag, accordingly with a focus on German-language sources.
  • Statista: Quick access to statistics and studies on all kinds of economic and business topics.

For a broad introduction to literature research, we recommend the following tools:

  • EconBiz: A very comprehensive research tool for questions in economics that may help in finding relevant literature.
  • Google Scholar: Google with a focus on scientific sources, which might be useful in finding relevant literature.
  • Online catalogue of Trier University of Applied Sciences: For researching and obtaining all academic sources held on site by the Trier University of Applied Sciences library.

For further tips and tricks, please refer to the download area on this page as well as to the university library. In particular, you can obtain full-text sources that are not available online via the tools listed above relatively quickly and inexpensively from the library via interlibrary loan.

Workshop appointment

  • Date: 19./20.02.2024
  • Time: 10:00 Uhr - 16:30 o´clock
  • lecture hall 2
  • see Stud.IP
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