1. Prerequisites

In order to be able to register a Bachelor thesis, a minimum number of ECTS credits and the successful completion of the examinations for the first 3 semesters are required. Please also note that certain deadlines must be observed when registering the Bachelor thesis. The same applies to the registration of a Master's thesis. Please refer to the examination regulations, in particular the relevant paragraphs on the final thesis.

2. Finding a topic and supervisor

During your studies, you will have had the opportunity to specialise according to your own preferences and to take specialisations. This is especially reflected in the elective subjects and seminars you may have chosen. If you have found a specialisation that you enjoy, contact a professor responsible for the subject or specialisation and make an appointment with him or her and ask whether it is possible to supervise a thesis.  You can make your own suggestions or work with your potential supervisor to find a suitable topic based on your preferences.


3. Register your thesis

Complete the thesis registration form digital and have it signed by your supervising professor. Only then will the thesis application be accepted. Then send the form via E-Mail to Mrs. Felten with a current printout of your grades from QIS with all examination grades and, if applicable, the focus form before the start of the writing up period.

4. Writing your thesis

Please refer to our web pages on academic work:

Academic work

5. Handing in the thesis

The thesis must be sent digitally (as a Pdf) by email to the supervisor AND to Mrs. Felten (D.Felten(at) on the deadline date. Please send 1 printed copy to our address within 1 week. Please note the different standard writing up periods, depending on the degree programme.

  •     Bachelor BWL, WI, IB: 9 weeks
  •     Bachelor WING ET: 12 weeks
  •     Master BM: 15 weeks
  •     Master WIIM: 6 months

An extension of the submission deadline is possible under certain conditions and must be applied for in writing to the chairperson of your examination board. To do this, you should fill out the application to extend the writing up period for your thesis and forward it to your supervisor and then to the chairman of the examination board. You should then hand in the signed form to the secretary's office.

The information on extending the processing time is included with the application. An extension is only possible once. If you do not hand it in on time, it will be considered a failed attempt and will be recorded in the records.

6. What happens next?

The thesis is usually marked within 8 weeks. Please note for your planning that marking of the thesis within 8 weeks by your supervisor - depending on the current workload - cannot always be guaranteed.

If you need a certificate in advance (for application procedures) that the thesis has been passed, contact your supervisor and inquire about the possibilities. For all other certificates in this context, please contact the Student Services of Trier University.

As soon as the thesis has been marked and your grade has been passed on to the Secretariat, we will forward it to the examination office. There, the grade will be entered in the QIS. You will receive a notification by post from the Student Services Office that your degree certificate and transcript are ready for collection. If you would like to have these documents sent to you, please note the procedure for this in the notification letter.

If you find any errors in your transcript or certificate, please contact the Student Services directly.

Ideally, you will have already filled out the Alumni Data Sheet when submitting your Bachelor's thesis to the Secretariat. If not, you are also welcome to do this online. You will then appear in the internal database, which serves only for purposes of statistics and for possible later contact (e.g. invitations to graduation ceremonies or anniversary celebrations).

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