Software for students

Open source web conferencing systems


BigBlueButton is a web conferencing system that supports, among other things, the sharing of audio and video formats, presentations and public and private chats. You can use the web conferencing system by logging in with your university ID.


Productivity software

Citavi (literature management)

Citavi is a programme for literature management and knowledge organisation. With its help, you can, for example, easily transfer literature references from the web, evaluate PDF documents, insert short references into a text and have bibliographies created. The use of Citavi is free of charge for all students at Trier University of Applied Sciences until the end of November 2019.

Further Information

Office 365 (word processing, presentation software and spreadsheets)

Office 365 with the key programmes Word, PowerPoint and Excel is almost indispensable for studies as well as for professional life and certainly needs no special explanation. Students at Trier University of Applied Sciences can use Office 365 for free.

Further Information

Cloud services

Datev (platform for preparation in the area of taxes, commercial law and auditing)

The database enables comprehensive research to help with courses and for writing seminar papers and Bachelor's theses, especially in the area of taxes, commercial law and auditing ("Lexinform"). In addition, corresponding e-learning modules are offered. It is planned to include the practical implementation of tax returns in the basic course on taxes. Simply register with your university ID.


Seafile (cloud storage)

Seafile is a cloud platform where personal files can be backed up, synchronised between different devices and shared with other Seafile users. It is therefore an attractive alternative to Dropbox and can be used free of charge by all students at the university.

register with seafile

Unipark (platform for online surveys)

Unipark is an easy-to-use and powerful platform for creating and conducting online surveys, which can be used for corresponding seminar papers and theses. Students of the Business School can request a free temporary identifier from Michael Ziegelmayer by e-mail. To generate the ID, please state your project and the person responsible for the project. After you have applied for the ID, you will receive further information on the procedure and use of the programme by email.

Request unipark-identification

Scientific Software

Julia (Programming Language for Numerical Computing)

Julia is a high-level programming language with particular strengths in the field of numerical computation. It is characterised by a simple syntax and a high execution speed. Accordingly, this language is particularly suitable for operations research questions. Julia was developed at MIT and can be used by anyone free of charge.


R (Programming Language for Statistics and Data Mining)

R is a programming language with a focus on statistics, which has become a de facto standard in this field worldwide in recent years. Through various extensions, R is also suitable for data mining problems. R was originally developed at the University of Auckland and can be used by anyone free of charge.

Download R

At you can take your first steps in R.

Software Development (for Business Information Scientists)


The object-oriented programming language makes it possible to develop platform-independent applications.



Python is an easy-to-learn programming language with efficient abstract data structures and a simple but effective approach to object-oriented programming.



MySQL is one of the world's most widely used relational database management systems. It is available as open source software as well as a commercial enterprise version for various operating systems and forms the basis for many dynamic web presences.


GitLab (version management for software projects)

The Rhineland-Palatinate university network offers you the opportunity to use GitLab for your studies. Gitlab is a web application for version management for software projects based on Git. Simply register with your university ID.


JetBrains Suite (various IDEs)

Complete JetBrains Suite (various IDE's - development environments) during your studies. Registration is done via your university email address and is valid for one year. Afterwards the use can be renewed for another year.


Visual Studio Code (Code Editor)

An open-source source code editor from Microsoft for developing modern, cross-platform applications such as: Java, Python, R,HTML and PHP.


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