Faculty Council


According to § 87 HochSchG (Higher Education law), the Faculty Council advises and decides on matters of fundamental importance to the department, unless otherwise stipulated by the Higher Education Act or the university's regulations.

It ensures that its members and its academic institutions and operating units can fulfil the tasks incumbent upon them.

Its subject areas result from the tasks of the department as specified in § 86 HochSchG.


According to § 9 Para. 1 of the Regulations of Trier University, the Departmental Council has the following composition:

  • Nine members from the group of professors
  • Six members from the group of students
  • One member of the group of academic staff members
  • One member of the group of non-academic staff.

The members are elected by the members of the respective group of the faculty.

Meeting dates

As a rule, the Departmental Council meets at least twice a semester in a meeting open to the public. The next meeting dates are:

  •  Wednesday, 14.04.2021
  •  Wednesday, 16.06.2021
  •  Wednesday, 13.10.2021

Members of the department who wish to attend a meeting as guests are requested to register by e-mail with the secretariat at least two days before the meeting due to the Corona epidemic.

The meeting dates for the coming semester will be announced here in good time.

Rules of Procedure

The current rules of procedure of the Senate apply to the meetings of the Departmental Council.




  • Prof. Dr. Frank Altrock
  • Prof. Dr. Jan-Thomas Bachmann
  • Prof. Dr. Udo Burchard (chairman)
  • Prof. Dr. Sebastian Geissel
  • Prof. Dr. Jörg Gutsche
  • Prof. Dr. Jörg Henzler
  • Prof. Dr. Dominik Kramer
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Vogt
  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Weimann


  • Dr. Kathrin Jaszus
  • Danielle Niederehe


  • Lea Barthel (Business Administration)
  • Mara Simon (International Business)
  • Yannick Loxat (International Business)
  • Lara Maria Sadowsky (International Business)
  • Tabea Simone Speicher (Interntional Business)
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