Mission Statement

Teaching: Students as the focus of our actions

Our core task is to provide and implement high-quality study programs for all young adults with a university entrance qualification, especially, but not only, from the region. We interpret this important and beautiful task in a profiling way as follows:

Practical relevance: All of our courses have an extremely high practical relevance. Particular attention is paid to the requirements of the private sector. This includes the necessary degree of internationalization and digitization as well as a lively exchange with cooperation partners from practice.

Diversity: Our students start their studies with different requirements due to their educational background. We consciously embrace this diversity by individually supervising our students and offering various types of support. The "norm student" has had its day for us.

Quality orientation: Everyone who can and wants to do so should receive a recognized qualification from us that will last through their entire professional life. This leads to the claim of a networked and application-oriented teaching of relevant and professionally demanding learning contents by means of modern didactics.

Research + Transfer: Freedom and Diversity

Scientific curiosity and the desire to contribute to the further development of our field are part of our self-image. In addition, as members of a University of Applied Sciences, reducing the gap in the application of scientific knowledge in corporate practice is of particular concern.

It is particularly important to us to offer our researchers with their diverse skills comprehensive opportunities for development. We therefore rely on the free emergence of research and transfer activities in topics in which our researchers have a genuine interest. We reject any top-down control of content.

Together: familiar and professional

We maintain a familiar atmosphere in which students, teachers and employees enjoy meeting and communicating openly. On this interpersonal basis, we work professionally towards our common goals. This particularly includes the success of our students, because we also see this as a common goal.


Prof. Dr. Udo Burchard
Prof. Dr. Udo Burchard
Dekan des FB Wirtschaft


+49 651 8103-299


Schneidershof | Building K | Room 201a
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