Courses for incoming students

Course offer for exchange students

In our courses, we place value on professional relevance without disregarding the origins of the discipline.

Our international students can choose from a large variety of classes in our course catalog. Detailed descriptions of individual classes can be found in the module descriptions.

You also have the opportunity to participate in German courses. The International Office offers German courses for beginners, whereas the Business School offers courses in Business German at the higher levels.

Academic Calender

You can find the academic calender of Trier University of Applied Sciences here.

Learning Agreement

International students coming to Trier as part of the European ERASMUS+ program must complete a Learning Agreement.

You can use the form of your home university for this purpose. Please contact the competent contact person at your home university to learn when they require your completed learning agreement.
We strongly suggest that you bring your Learning Agreement with you to the course registration session during the introductory events.

Information for completing your Learning Agreement:
Name of the receiving institution: Hochschule Trier / Trier University of Applied Sciences
Faculty/department: Fachbereich Wirtschaft / Business School
Erasmus code: D TRIER02
Address: Schneidershof, 54293 Trier, Deutschland
Contact person: Julia Schätz

Course times

Shortly before the beginning of the semester, the course times will be published. Here, in the section "Elective Modules for Exchange Students", you can check when your courses will take place and compile your final timetable.

Course Registration

Please choose the courses you would like to take with us before your studies begin. The course catalog and the module handbook will help you to select your courses.

After your arrival at the university, you will receive an introduction to everyday life at the university from our Study Buddies. Our Study Buddies will assist you with course registration in our study portal Stud.IP.

Stud.IP and QIS

At Trier University of Applied Sciences, we use Stud.IP as our learning management system. You will receive access to this after your enrollment and our study buddies will support you with the registration.

Another important system you will need to use is QIS. QIS is where you register for your exams.

Examination period

Exams usually take place in the last week of lectures (early exam period) and in the three weeks after the end of lectures (main exam period).
Here you can find all deadlines and dates.

Studying in the business department as a degree-seeking student

If you want to study in the business department to obtain a German university degree, you should inform yourself about our degree programs. In addition, you can make an individual appointment with our academic couselling services.

You can then apply via the online platform uni-assist.

application via uni-assist

We’re looking forward to welcoming you!

Julia Schätz - Al Mahamid
Julia Schätz - Al Mahamid, M.A.
Beschäftigte FB Wirtschaft


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