Seminars in the Summer Semester 2023

The following information is not relevant for the degree programme International Business (PO 2021)!

Seminars are included in the curricula of all Bachelor's degree programmes in the Business School for the first time in the 4th semester (with the exception of Business Administration and Business Information Systems, starting in the summer semester - for which the first time is in the third semester). These are special courses in which students acquire or deepen knowledge in small groups and often write seminar papers and give presentations for the first time under the rules of academic standards.

Special rules apply to the allocation of seminar places and, for organizational reasons, places are allocated in the semester before.

Please note: You may participate in the allocation of seminar places if you are at least in the semester that lies before the semester in which, according to the study schedule, a seminar is to be attended for the first time. In addition, you must have earned at least 2/3 of the ECTS points that could have been earned up to that point during a course of study in the standard period of study.

1. Seminars on offer

The seminars of a following semester are presented in the middle of each semester. For the summer semester, this is largely done on the basis of digital documents on this page. In addition to information on the content, students will also receive information on the assessments, some of which may already have to be completed during the semester break, and on the general procedure.

2. Place allocation procedure (Stud.IP)

Seminar places are applied for via the Stud.IP platform; the deadlines for applications are announced here and elsewhere (by e-mail). The allocation of seminar places takes place promptly afterwards. Each student can only take one seminar place. However, the application must be made for at least two seminars, whereby preferences can be indicated. Please note the rules and procedure for applying for a seminar place, which can be found under "Downloads".


3. Examination registration (QIS)

There is an early registration deadline for seminars in the QIS. You must already register for the examination in the QIS at the end of the previous semester. Withdrawal and later/subsequent registration are generally not possible.


4. Academic work

Within the framework of seminars, students often have to write a scientific paper. This often causes problems, especially when confronted with the formal and content-related requirements of scientific writing for the first time. For example, rules regarding formal preparation should be adhered to, while the content of a topic should also meet scientific standards. Often, work in both areas is equally bad or good; experience shows that the quality of form and content correlate strongly.

The department raises awareness of scientific work in a two-day workshop and provides a template.

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