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Students of the Business Administration programme are very satisfied with the general study situation at the Business School at Trier University of Applied Sciences. Likewise, top results were achieved in the categories of supervision and study organisation, teaching and practical offers, equipment, digital teaching elements and support for stays abroad among the universities in a national comparison.

The results emerge from the CHE ranking published on 9 May in the new ZEIT Studienführer 2023/24. The university ranking, conducted by the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) and published by ZEIT, is the most comprehensive and detailed ranking in the German-speaking world, with around 120,000 students surveyed. 

The results of the CHE University Ranking were published on 9 May in the ZEIT Study Guide 2023/24 and are also available at heystudium.de/ranking.

Accreditation of our study courses

Accreditation is a procedure for assessing degree programs at state or state-recognized universities. It serves to ensure the quality of teaching and studies and is carried out by external and internal experts.

Due to its comprehensive quality management system, the Accreditation Council of Trier University of Applied Sciences was one of the first universities in Germany to authorize them to independently examine and assess their courses within the framework of the so-called system accreditation.

All courses of study in the department are accredited as described below.

accredidation facts

degree programmes accredited on accredited until
Business Administration (B.A.) 24/11/2016 29/02/2024
Business Administration Dual (B.A.) 24/11/2016 29/02/2024
International Business (B.A.) 22/04/2021 30/09/2028
Business Information Systems (B.Sc.) 07/12/2016 29/02/2024
Business Information Systems Dual (B.Sc.) 07/12/2016 29/02/2024
Industrial Electrical Engineering and Management (B.Sc.) 11/10/2018 28/02/2026
Business Psychology 08/07/2022 30/09/2030
Business Management (M.A.) 08/07/2022 30/09/2030

Quality management

The quality management of the Business School is fully embedded in the university's quality management system. Its most visible expression are the various student surveys, which are used to systematically identify further development opportunities for the individual courses of study and the entire study organization.

The main surveys carried out regularly, which are comprehensively documented as part of the university's survey system, are:

• First semester survey: annually
• Student teaching evaluation: every three semesters
• Graduate survey: by year, no later than two years after graduation
• Service quality check: every two years

The results of the above mentioned surveys regularly prove to be extremely helpful for us. We therefore ask all of our students to participate.

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