Graduation ceremony and alumni network

Graduation ceremony

We warmly congratulate all our graduates on their successful completion of their university degrees. To celebrate this success, we invite each year's graduates to a festive graduation ceremony at the end of the year.

The event will take place in the Robert Schuman House (Auf der Jüngt 1, 54293 Trier), where we would like to spend a lovely evening with you while enjoying a great view of the city. A champagne reception will be followed by the personal congratulations of all graduates by our Dean. Afterwards we would like to celebrate together.

We ask that you bring a maximum of three companions to the event. This is because we regularly have high numbers of graduates and therefore only limited space. There will be certain costs for participation, which we will inform you about in good time. With the exception of the champagne reception, you will have to pay for your own drinks on site. Further details will be announced in good time.

alumni network

We would like to stay in touch with our former students. Therefore, we would be pleased if you would register for the department's alumni network with your contact details. Your data will of course be treated confidentially and will be used, for example, to send you information about events by email.

If possible, please provide long-term valid data. You can also use the contact form to change your details later.

LinkedIn group

With around 600 million members, LinkedIn is the world's largest social network for professional purposes. In our view, it offers an ideal platform for cultivating your own professional network. It is very helpful to start building this network early. Your own fellow students offer a good starting point here.

To support this, we maintain a group on LinkedIn that is designed to help former and current students of the School of Business maintain contacts and exchange ideas with each other and with the department itself. We look forward to your joining this group.

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