Lectures and Exams

1. Lectures

All courses in the Business School are organized on the Stud.IP learning platform. You can log into Stud.IP with your university ID. Some courses are limited in the number of participants. The registration process for these courses will be activated shortly before the start of the lectures.


Hours beginning end following break
1. 08:00 09:30 10 min.
2. 09:40 11:10 20 min.
3. 11:30 13:00 lunchbreak 60 min.
4. 14:00 15:30 10 min.
5. 15:40 17:10 20 min.
6. 17:30 19:00 ...

2. Examination dates and times

The main examination period is 12 days and immediately follows the end of the lecture period (two weeks, Monday to Saturday). During this time the exams for all compulsory subjects take place. The exams for the compulsory electives, the electives and the languages ​​(Business English, Français économique, Spanish, Chinese) are usually written in the last session of the regular lecture date. Repeat exams are usually written during the main examination period.

  start of lecture end of lecture early examination time main examination time
winter semester 2023/24 Bachelor's degree programs 04.10.2023 26.01.2024 tba tba
winter semester 2023/24 Master's degree programs 04.10.2023 26.01.2024 tba tba

3. Exam registration

Please note that you have to register for the exam online in the QIS for all the performances you want to do in a semester, even if no written exam is required (e.g. for seminars). Only the thesis and the practical project / year abroad are not recorded in the QIS. The dates for the current registration deadlines can be found in the right column. Subsequent requests to register for exams that reach us outside of the registration period will not be considered (equal treatment of all students)!

4. Withdrawal from examinations and medical certificates

Withdrawal from an examination in the first attempt is possible up to three working days before the examination date via the QIS system. Saturdays are not considered as working days. Deregistration from examinations in the second or third attempt is not possible (mandatory registration). Registration is also compulsory if a certificate was submitted in the previous attempt.

Medical certificates must be submitted at the latest within three days of the examination date to the examination office with the supplementary sheet for the submission of medical certificates. The medical certificate must show the inability to take the exam. Medical certificates issued without a personal doctor's visit are generally not recognized.

5. Aids for exams

In some exams in the Business School, non-programmable pocket calculators can be used as aids. Since some pocket calculators are programmable, the examination committee has approved a list of pocket calculators that can be used for exams (see right). Discuss which aids are ultimately permitted with your lecturer in advance and finally refer to the cover sheet of your exam.

6. Exam results

The exam results are published in the QIS and can always be viewed there. If your result is (still) marked with an asterisk, this only implies that the grading process has not yet been formally completed, as an examination can still be viewed. The correction itself is completed.

7. Grade improvement

There is the possibility of improving an examination performance passed in the first attempt. Please note the organizational regulations for the possibilities of improving grades in the download area.

8. Examination inspection

When you have completed your exams and the results of the exams are available, you have the opportunity to view your exams. The inspection dates are usually at the beginning of the lecture period of the following semester. Please refer to the right column for details.

9. Calculation of final grade

The department provides you with a table with which you can determine your overall grade for your studies.

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