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ERASMUS+ Scholarships for Studies

With the help of the EU's ERASMUS+ program, studying abroad in Europe is relatively easy. Without too many formalities and tuition fees, and also with an Erasmus scholarship, depending on the existing university partnerships in the respective course, it is possible to afford to study abroad.

The necessary forms with explanations can be found on the right under "Erasmus + information and forms".

As a rule, you should contact the responsible persons in the department / degree program at least 6 months before starting your degree and clarify the availability of Erasmus study places abroad. It should not be overlooked that in many particularly northern European countries summer and winter semesters start earlier than here, in spring sometimes already in the second week of January! In some cases, there is a selection process for particularly sought-after study places, and often the number of available places is limited.

Procedure ERASMUS+

Additional Information

Procedure and Formalities

After the OK of the department, please come to the International Office with the largely completed "Final Grant Agreement" form, where the further details will be clarified. In most cases, credits earned abroad can be credited towards studies at Trier University of Applied Sciences. This should definitely be clarified in advance with the foreign representative in the study program or the chair of the examination board. The "Learning Agreement" form, which is also required for the award of the Erasmus grant, is intended for this purpose. This must be signed by your responsible professor, then also by the person responsible at the partner university and is mandatory for Erasmus funding.

After arrival and enrollment at the host university, please fill in the "Enrollment Confirmation" (see "Confirmation ERASMUS" on the right) and have it signed by the International Office there. Then fax or mail the confirmation to the International Office in Trier. The first installment of the Erasmus + grant will then be paid to you.

At the end of your mobility, have the second part of the confirmation (end of study period) certified by the International Office there and send it to Trier.

The ERASMUS mobility grants are paid out according to country groups and thus depend on the general cost of living in the host country. The following rates apply from the winter semester 2019/20:

Country group 1: 450 euros

Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom

Country group 2: 390 euros

Belgium, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus

Country group 3: 330 euros

Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Macedonia (FYROM), Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary

The course achievements can be confirmed after the exams on the "Transcript of Records"; of which the International Office needs a copy.

Finally, the European Commission will contact you a few weeks after you have completed your mobility and request a report on your stay abroad.

Online Language Support (OLS)

(Kopie 2)

Language support online is part of the Erasmus + program to help students learn and improve their language skills. The online language support includes the compulsory language test in the language of instruction, provided your language of instruction is German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Swedish, Danish, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Finnish, Croatian, Romanian, Slovak and Hungarian - before and after Erasmus + Mobility - as well as an optional language course.

The mandatory language tests before and after mobility are used by the EU to measure and document language skills. The results have no influence on your funding or the recognition of the achievements and only go to you and the International Office.

After the test, you have the opportunity to take part in a free online language course, whereby language courses in Czech, Danish, Greek, Polish, Swedish, Bulgarian, Finnish, Croatian, Romanian, Slovak and Hungarian are only offered at level A1 and Portuguese up to B2.

Participants who have completed the language course with A1 to B1 are automatically invited to a voluntary language course in the language of instruction. The participants, whose result is B2 and better, can optionally choose a language course in the national language if this differs from the language of instruction.

Further information on language support: : General InformationOLS Language Test, OLS Language Course

Special Funding in case of disabilities and for parents

Special Funding in case of disabilities and for parents

The DAAD has set up special support programmes within the framework of Erasmus, especially for students with disabilities and single parents/parents.
Here you can find further information:
If this is the case, please do not hesitate to contact us.  As a rule, monthly subsidies can be provided, in individual cases also further support.


ERASMUS with partner countries: Jordan and Morocco

Erasmus funding with a monthly stipend plus travel allowance is also possible for countries outside Europe ("partner countries"), provided that the university has an ERASMUS+ contract with a partner university. You can find more details and information about the scholarship rates on the EU Erasmus website.

Currently Trier University of Applied Sciences has contracts with the following universities:

  • German Jordanian University, in Amman, Jordanien (Website)
  • Université Mohammed V de Rabat, Rabat, Marokko (Website)
  • Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Marokko (Website)

Check with your department's study abroad representative to see if an exchange at these universities is an option for you.

ERASMUS+ Internships:Internships in Companies in Europe for Students

Internships in other European countries are also funded as part of the EU Erasmus + program. The program is open to students from all departments.

For general information and information on the application process, please contact the Agency for International Mobility ((

a.i.m. rlp
Agency for international university mobility Rhineland-Palatinate
c / o Trier University of Applied Sciences
Room A 150/151
(Corridor between building A and B)
D-54293 Trier

Phone: 0651 / 8103-313, -236, -349
Fax: 0651 / 8103-354
erasmuspraktika (at)


Liability Clause

ERASMUS + projects are funded with support from the European Commission. The author is solely responsible for the content of this publication; the Commission is not responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


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