House of Professors

New recruitment and qualification methods

With the House of Professors project, Trier University of Applied Sciences is implementing innovative recruitment and qualification methods. The aim is to actively shape the generational change at the university.

The emphasis is on innovation, joy and diversity in the profession of professor.

Tandem professorships, specialisation professorships or family professorships are new job models that are being introduced at Trier University of Applied Sciences. The qualification of the next generation of academic teachers is at the heart of the development of a doctoral college for Intelligent Technologies for Sustainable Development. Young Researcher and International Researcher Sabbaticals provide new access to Trier University of Applied Sciences.


The picture shows a graphic of a bungalow that links the elements of the House of Profs: Innovation, Joy and Diversity as well as the measures Tandem Professorship, Focus Professorship, Family Professorship, Doctoral College, International Researchers' Sabbaticals, Mentoring Programme and Employer Branding.


Tandem professorship

Connecting teaching, practice and research

The Tandem Professorship is aimed at people from an academic background with an outstanding doctorate who have not yet gained the practical work experience in industry and business required for an HAW professorship. The professorship is limited to a maximum of three years and is offered at 50% employment at the University of Applied Sciences and 50% employment at a corporate partner that has already been appointed. Upon completion of the tandem professorship, job holders fulfil all requirements for a professorship at HAW.

Specialist professorship

Focus on research or transfer

People with an outstanding doctorate and a minimum of five years of professional experience, of which at least three years must be outside the University of Applied Sciences, can apply for a focus professorship. This is distinguished by the fact that half of the teaching duties, i.e. 9 SWS for three years, are funded by House of Profs. The freed-up time is to be used to build up a focus in research or transfer.

Family Professorship

Balancing professorship and family responsibilities

Balancing professorship and family responsibilities
The Family Professorship enables people with family responsibilities to reduce their working hours by half. For a maximum of three years, a teacher for special tasks is funded by the House of Profs project, who covers the teaching.

Exploring Innovative Avenues at the University of Applied Sciences

Immersive Experience at Trier University of Applied Sciences

Post-Doc sabbaticals for internationals and academia

Experience our distinguished Post-Doc Sabbaticals, lasting up to 6 months, designed to immerse you in teaching, research, and knowledge transfer at Trier University. Collaborate with expert colleagues in the faculties of Business, located in Trier, and Environmental Economics/Environmental Law, situated at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld, to shape your own research and educational pursuits. Possible themes encompass Sustainability Communication, Regional Sustainability Concepts, Sustainable Law, Marketing, Fundamental Principles of Business Administration, Data Analytics, and more.

Stay attuned to our regular announcements for openings or reach out to us for further information.

Guidance Through Initial Steps

Mentoring Programme Next Step

The university's internal mentoring initiative, Next Step, serves as a nexus for diverse stakeholders within the institution: newly appointed faculty, doctoral candidates, and, in the future, individuals from industry and commerce who harbor interest. The fundamental objective of the Next Step mentoring program is to enhance the onboarding process for newly appointed faculty and newcomers to Trier University.

We offer a dynamic exchange facilitated by an experienced professor. Through this avenue, participants can manifest their aspirations as a professor at Trier University while receiving steadfast support. An excellent opportunity to expand one's professional network.

The Next Step program provides an entryway into mentoring through a six-month structured framework that includes workshops on subjects such as career planning, effective communication, and self-management.

Contact us to learn about the upcoming commencement dates.

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