Study entry phase

Services during your study entry phase

The services are designed for students of the first semester and include the following components:

  • Orientation services and events
  • Preparatory courses in basic subjects
  • Peer Learning groups and mentoring programs
  • Workshops on studying and academic work processes

The coordination service of the study entry phase also offers training for tutors or mentors of preparatory courses, peer learning groups and our mentoring programs.

Welcome to Trier University of Applied Sciences!

We are happy that you have chosen us as your place of study. We wish you every success in the further course of your studies. Your time here will be full of new impressions for you. During your studies you will learn a lot about your new academic subjects, but also get to know people, make friends, gain a lot of new experiences for your life, develop new networks and much more.

We are well aware that you will start your studies in an unusual time. While we remember overcrowded lecture halls when thinking of our our own studies, you experience exactly the opposite today: Postponement of the start of the semester to April 20, cancellations of previously planned introductory courses, restricted living conditions, all this while you are finding your way in your new environment..

In our recent messages to our students (read at you will learn that we are working on good and flexible solutions for everyone involved to address the situation around the corona crisis as best as possible. We are grateful and humbled by the great spirit of community that drives all of us at Trier University of Applied Sciences toward the common goal of navigating this time successfully.

If you have any special questions regarding the start of your studies, please do not hesitate to contact us, or your department. It is very important to us that you start your studies well.

From March 30, the departments may post their first content on the learning platforms or send them to you by email. At the same time, we asked the departments to ensure that there is no disadvantage for those of you who can only access this information later.

Now we wish you strength and energy for the next few weeks!
All best,

Prof. Dr. Dorit Schumann, President of Trier University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr. Marc Regier, Vice-President for Learning and Teaching

Services during the course of your studies

The coordination service of the study entry phase is participating in the development of services for advanced students as well, which are meant to improve study skills and increase academic success. This includes the development of e-learning modules, the organisation of workshops on overcoming exam anxiety or on developing learning strategies as well as the development of cooperative learning opportunities like the study workshop.


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