DAAD Scholarships (HAW)

DAAD Scholarships


The practice-oriented studies at universities of applied sciences  (HAW/FH) are highly regarded in Germany and throughout the world. 

DAAD supports HAW/FH students during their stays abroad and universities in cooperation projects with international partners.


Who can apply?

Applications are open to master's and diploma students, doctoral students (in an independent and cooperative doctoral process) and members of the teaching and research staff of German universities of applied sciences/universities of applied sciences.
Under certain conditions, persons with foreign citizenship may also be included in the support measures.

Application for study visits:      HERe

Application for trade fair trips: HERE

Programme objective


Study visits:

Students in Bachelor's, Master's and Diploma programmes at the German Universities of Applied Sciences (HAW/FH) receive scholarships in this programme for a stay abroad as part of their studies or final thesis.

Participation in trade fairs:

The "Congress and trade fair trips" (Kongress- und Messereisen) programme enables students, doctoral students and scientists at universities of applied sciences (HAW/FH) to actively participate in international conferences and trade fairs abroad. In this way, current research results are brought into the global research community. Funded persons can establish new contacts in international science networks and maintain existing contacts.

Was wird gefördert?


Study visits:

Funding is provided for study visits and stays abroad as part of a final thesis.

Participation in trade fairs:

The programme enables individual scholarships for study visits, the preparation of theses as well as for participation in congresses and trade fairs abroad.

Duration of funding


Study visits:

The study-related funding formats include study visits (3 to 6 months) and research visits abroad as part of final theses (1 to 6 months).

Participation in trade fairs:

As a rule, the stay is funded from first to last day of the course, and for a maximum of 8 days. The number of approved days depends on the organizer's announcement.


Study stays:

The scholarship includes the following benefits:
- A monthly scholarship instalment, depending on the host country.
- Travel allowance, the amount of which varies according to the host country.
- Health, accident and personal liability insurance benefits.
- during study: stays subsidy for any tuition fees incurred up to an upper limit (depending on the target country)-
- for final theses: Grant for travel in the host country directly related to the project.

Under certain conditions, family benefits for accompanying spouses or life partners and children may be granted on request.

Participation in trade fairs:

The support consists of
1. A subsidy for travel expenses in the amount of the DAAD travel allowance valid at the time.
2. A grant for the conference fees ("early bird rate") and/or the reimbursement of the trade visitor ticket.
3. A subsidy towards the costs of the stay (flat rate per proven congress day).


Further information and application documents can be found HERE


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