Yazan Ramadan

Moody weather

One of the things I have noticed right off the bat was how moody the weather is. But fortunately, the wine is always good here. The city is not huge which makes it easier to remember. And the view from the river side is quite nice. Hopefully, during my exchange period I would get a chance to explore big cities in Germany, and improve my German. While I’m here, I also plan to go to France, Luxembourg and Belgium, since Trier is in the heart of Europe and pretty close to them.

Hello everybody!

I’m a 24 years old Computer Science student. I chose Hochschule Trier in particular for the courses it is offering. Plus, friends who had already done an exchange semester also highly recommended it.

Outdoors is the way to go

Since being indoors and in big groups is not the most convenient mid pandemic, being outdoors is a good option to meet up with friends and do outdoor hangouts. Trier has a lot of spaces where you can hangout in public or spots that would be nice to just chill in and enjoy good company and a nice view. It is good to take advantage of nice weather outside as long as it lasts. Petrisberg and Olewig being one of the nice places to go out in nature for a hike or even just to walk around. Trail paths can be steep and muddy, but that only gives some sort of dangerous feel and makes it a bit more exciting, through the walk to a nice destination. In your walk around that area, you will encounter a lot of wineries left and right, which can work for your favor if you decide to make a stop and enjoy some good wine on the way.

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