Compulsory Year Abroad (IB PO 2021)

An important part of the International Business program is the integrated, one-year study abroad in the 5th and 6th semester. During your year abroad, you will not only get to know a new study system, improve your language skills, and study International Business in a different cultural context; you will also be able to build an important network during this time, which will accompany you on your further path.

A total of 60 ECTS must be achieved during the year abroad.

Possible Specialization

During your semester abroad, you have the opportunity to adapt your studies to your own ideas and to take one subject-related and one language-related specialization.

In order to be able to declare the respective specializations, the following achievements must be made:

Subject-related specialization* Language-related specialization
At least 24 ECTS in courses relevant to the subject. At least 35 ECTS in a second foreign language

Possible specializations are Accounting and Taxation, Controlling, Finance and Financial Markets, General Management, Marketing, Operations Management. It may be worthwhile to contact the partner university in advance.

Tip: In the overview of our partner universities, you will find links to the websites of our partners. There, you will find course catalogs which will help you decide on a suitable university.

Admission to the year abroad

Admission Requirements:

You can apply for a place at a partner university at the beginning of the third semester at the earliest, provided that you have already completed 50 ECTS of the modules of the first two semesters at the time of application. For the final admission to the year abroad, at the end of the fourth semester all scheduled compulsory modules of the first two semesters and at least 90 ECTS must have been passed.

Application for Admission:

Submit the application for admission well in advance of the start of your year abroad. First, your supervisor must sign the application for admission. Afterwards, submit the application to the International Business Coordinator (room K3b).

Important: It is important that you stay enrolled at Trier University of Applied Sciences during your study-abroad year!

Application process

How to apply: We will send out an application form for you to fill in and send us back shortly before the start of the application period. You will be able to indicate three choices of our partner universities.

Application deadlines: Applications to study at partner universities for the winter semester always take place in January or February and for the summer semester in August. Please watch out for corresponding emails and the "News" segment on our website.


To have your achievements recognized after you have completed your year abroad, you must submit the application for recognition of the year abroad. Please attach the transcript(s) from the partner university to your application.

In addition, a final report must be written. For your orientation, you will find instructions in the download area on the right. By submitting this report, you give us permission to publish it on our website. Please refer to the guide, which you can find in the download area.

The grading of a study abroad program is done by converting the grades of the study achievements abroad.

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