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Job fair etiquette - Your successful appearance.

In this Live-Online-Seminar we will show you how to prepare optimally for a job fair.

Presenting oneself at a job fair is a common chance when applying nowadays. We will show you how to prepare optimally for a job fair. It's important to define your personal goals and expectations regarding the fair beforehand. In addition, familiarize yourself with the fair's program. There might be opportunities to participate in good presentations, to take advantage of an application check or book appointments with contact persons from your favourite companies in advance.  
We will discuss how to prepare effectively for the fair visit, how to conduct conversations, and how to follow up afterwards. One focus will be on interacting with company representatives. Learn how to approach them, to initiate a conversation and discover how to leave a lasting impression through effective communication techniques. 

Contents of the Live-Online-Seminar:

  • Tips for the professional preparation for a job fair
  • Presenting yourself positively to company representatives
  • Engaging in effective business talks at the fair (conversation techniques, potential topics)
  • Suggestions for effective self-marketing
  • Taking meaningful notes for the follow-up
  • Tips for an efficient follow-up after the fair
  • Question/ answer session

Speaker: Sandra Adam
Location: online
Language: english
Free of charge

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