Prof. Dr. Anna Schneider

Teaching and research areas

  • Fundamentals of Psychology
    • General Psychology
    •  Developmental and Biopsychology
    •  Social psychology
    •  Differential and personality psychology
  • Applied Business psychology
    • Advertising and consumer psychology
    • Psychological market research
  • Research Methods
  • Digitalization
  • Qualitative Research


Anna Schneider has been Professor of Business Psychology since 2017 and was appointed to the Faculty of Business and Economics at Trier University of Applied Sciences on 1 March 2023. In this role, she is responsible for the subject areas of the "Business Psychology" degree program, created in the winter semester 23/24.

Previously, Ms. Schneider held a professorship in Business Psychology at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences. Before embarking on her academic career, she worked for many years as a senior consultant for YouGov. With more than 20 years of hands on experience in market research, she regularly advises public and private organizations on surveys, as well as qualitative research projects. She is also active as a speaker and moderator at industry events, among others.

Her research interests focus on the multifaceted effects of digitization on society, economy, and politics. She is a member of various research associations and sits on scientific advisory boards of the Scientific Institute for Infrastructure and Communication Services (WIK), a renowned think tank for communication and Internet policy, the Sinus Institute, an independent institute for market and social research, and the advisory board of AgeForce1, a startup for digital retirement assistance.

Ms. Schneider studied psychology at the Universities of Maastricht and Bonn and completed a part-time doctorate at the Institute of Psychology at the University of Bonn on the topic of "Open Innovation" in parallel with her career in market research.


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Book contributions
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Conference and congress papers (peer-reviewed)
  • Schneider, A., & Arnold, R. (2022). Wearables from Head to Toe: Are They Friend or Foe? An Empirical Landscaping of Health and Fitness Wearables and Apps in Six Countries to Identify Emerging Policy Challenges. Paper presented at the 50th TPRC Conference, 16th and 17th September 2022, Arlington, VA. Available at: (date accessed: 10.10.2022)
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Research reports
Scientific poster
  • Boettcher, A., Eder, A., & Klauer, K. C. (2004). Affektive Blindheit gegenüber reaktionskompatiblenselbst- und fremdrelevanten Stimuli. Poster presented at the 46. Tagung experimentellarbeitender Psychologen (TeaP), Apr. 4th -7th Gießen.
  • Posthofen, M., Knode, A., & Schneider, A. (2015). Germans about Ebola. Poster presented at the 17thGeneral Online Research Conference (GOR), Mar. 18th -22nd Köln.
Press and media contributions
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Prof. Dr. Anna Schneider
Prof. Dr. Anna Schneider
Professorin FB Wirtschaft


+49 651 8103-330


Schneidershof | Building K | Room 207


  • Head of the Business Psychology program
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