Exams (Bachelor+Master)

Preliminary remarks

In principle, all state regulations of the federal government, the state of Rhineland-Palatinate and the city of Trier take precedence over regulations of the university. Furthermore, all decisions of the university management take precedence over those of the Business School.

Therefore, please also check all current notices and the FAQs published by the university management and the "Pandemic Working and Steering Group" of Trier University.

It goes without saying that we endeavour to keep our regulations published here fully in line with the decision-making situation of all the above-mentioned institutions. We hereby apologise for any contradictions that may briefly arise due to the dynamic development of the framework conditions.

Department-specific examination modalities in the winter semester 2021/2022

The responsible examination committees have decided on the following modalities for all further examinations in the winter semester 2021/2022:

  1.  The lecturers responsible for the respective modules will inform you about the exact examination form.
  2.  We will implement the removal of the enforcement of compulsory registrations in such a way that the withdrawal block will be removed in QIS for just such registrations. If you are affected by this, this means for you: If you want to take the examination on the basis of a compulsory registration, you do not have to do anything. If, on the other hand, you want to make use of the special right offered, you must explicitly withdraw from the examination in QIS for which you were automatically compulsorily registered.
  3.  As before, the withdrawal deadline is three days before the respective examination date.

We hope to have found a good balance between all requirements with these regulations, taking into account the practical necessities. Please direct any queries to Ms Seeh.

Instructions for the examinations (as of winter semester 2021/2022; update 31.01.2022)

  • The 3G rule (vaccinated, tested or recovered) applies to participation in the tests.  Non-vaccinated persons must be able to present a test certificate from an approved testing centre that is no more than 24 hours old.  The 3G certificates must be carried with you during your stay at the university and presented during inspections.
  • The general hygiene instructions also apply to examinations in presence, in particular with regard to distance, hand hygiene and ventilation.
  • In case of justified need (medical certificate required), individual examination solutions (e.g. separate room) shall be sought at the student's request. An application for an individual examination solution due to a justified need is to be submitted to the examination board of the respective department with the corresponding medical certificate via the Student Services in Trier or the examination office at the UCB.
  • On the way to the examinations and in front of the examination room, distance markings and posters should indicate the safety distance. This minimum distance must be observed. Group formation is to be avoided. An OP mask or FFP2 mask must be worn at all times.
  • Written examinations are available at the seats before the students are admitted or are to be taken to the seat by the students near the entrance.
  • The examinations are to be deposited by the participants in a drop box at the time of handing in.
  • A "one-way rule" for entry/exit is to be provided and marked.
  • Mouth-to-nose coverings are to be worn by both parties during student questions / examiner answers. The invigilators may decide to allow questions only at the lectern with a protective wall ("spit shield").
  • Eating in the examination room is not permitted (exceptions in case of medical necessity).
  • Special cleaning/disinfection of the tables is not required. Disinfectant for hands and surfaces should be provided to participants/supervisors.
  • After the end of the exam, everyone leaves the room, the building and the campus as quickly as possible. Group formation on campus must also be avoided.
  • The hygiene instructions for the conduct of examinations also apply accordingly to the inspection of examinations.

Oral examinations via video conferencing system

The following requirements apply to the conduct of oral examinations via video conferencing system:

  • Both parties (examiners and examinees) must agree on the conduct of the oral examination via online media. This must be documented in writing using the form provided. Obtaining the required signatures can also be done via e-mail.
  • By signing the enclosed form, candidates confirm that they are not carrying any unauthorised aids that can be used for deceptive purposes.
  • Candidates must declare their ability to take the examination on the day of the examination and confirm this by signing the enclosed form.
  • The room with the examinees must be clearly recognisable and visible in order to exclude the possibility of other (non-permitted) persons being present there.
  • The examinee's hands must be clearly visible during the examination in order to exclude the use of unauthorised aids.
  • In accordance with the provisions of the examination regulations, a written record of the conduct of the oral examination must always be made. In the case of oral examinations via online media, it must be noted in these minutes that this examination was conducted via online media, naming the chosen medium, and that both parties agree to this conduct. In addition, all special occurrences during the examination must be documented.
  • In the event of technical interruptions of the connection, it is at the discretion of the examiners whether the examination is to be continued or whether the examination is to be terminated (analogously to an acute examination incapacity). In this case, an examination withdrawal is recorded for this examination. This must be documented.

Regulations for students from risk groups

For students from risk groups (medical evidence required), individual solutions (e.g. separate room) should be sought at the request of the student in the case of a medically justified need.

An application for an individual examination solution due to a justified need is to be submitted to the examination board of the respective department with the corresponding medical certificate via the Student Services in Trier or the examination office at the UCB.  

If the examination for students is conducted in a separate room, the following rules shall apply in addition to the hygiene rules which always apply

  •  a maximum of 4 students are examined in one room and
  •  a minimum area of 10m² per person is available.

The regulation covers students who themselves belong to a risk group, but not students who live with persons from risk groups.

Examinations at other faculties

Should you, which happens very rarely, wish to take an examination offered by another department, the regulations of the corresponding department apply to you in this respect.



Prof. Dr. Udo Burchard
Prof. Dr. Udo Burchard
Dekan des FB Wirtschaft


+49 651 8103-299


Schneidershof | Building K | Room 201a


Examination period:
24.01.2022 - 19.02.2022


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