Important first steps and orientation

1. Student ID

In order to be able to participate in student life on and offline with us, you need your student ID. This must be collected in person from the Student Services of the HS Trier upon presentation of your ID card after confirmed enrolment. Without a student ID card, you will not be able to create a user ID, which is required to use our online platforms. Without a student ID card, you will therefore not be able to participate in student life at the HS Trier to the necessary extent.

Once you have received your student ID, you can proceed with all further general and specific steps to start your studies.

On the day of your welcome, 02.10.2023, we will also be issuing ID cards that have not yet been collected in HS 3.

Please note: If you are unable to collect your student ID card in person, please contact the Service Point of the Student Services by telephone (0049-651-8103-335) or e-mail: Studienservice(at) 

2. User Identification

After you have received your student ID card, create your personal user ID (user name and password for our online services) here:

Generate User ID

After successful creation of the user ID, a pdf with the corresponding data will be generated for you.

3. Webmail

Our most important means of contact with you - apart from our website - is your university email address. The portal is called Webmail. All important information is passed on to you via this channel and "lands" here in your inbox. It is therefore particularly important that you check your university email regularly. Please log in with your user ID using the following link (after logging in for the first time, you will be briefly asked to make one-off settings for the absence note and similar):


Pay attention to the following when using it:

 1.  The Stud.IP platform, which we will introduce to you in the next point, also has a menu item "Messages", which can be used to send mails. Please do not confuse this menu item with the inbox of your university email address (webmail). In Stud.IP, only messages that have been sent via this platform (Stud.IP) can be viewed under "Messages" in the inbox and outbox. All Stud.IP messages are nevertheless always forwarded to your university email address (webmail).

 In short: Webmail is your primary point of contact for all university e-mails.

2. Please make sure that you only use your university email accounts to communicate with us. Please do not use any commercial, private platforms for this purpose!

4. Stud.IP

Stud.IP is a very important platform that will accompany you in the organisation and coordination of your courses during your studies. We use it, among other things, for communication in the respective courses, for providing lecture notes and for information with regard to dates and premises of the attendance courses. You use this system to register for all the courses you wish to attend in a semester. You can access Stud.IP under the following link.



  1. To find out which courses you should register for in the winter semester 2023/24 and how, please refer to the information at "Instructions for registering for lectures".
  2. Important: Registration for a course on Stud.IP is not yet registration for the examination in this module! Examination registration will take place later elsewhere; we will inform you about this in good time.
  3. The courses for the winter semester 2023/24 are expected to be activated in Stud.IP in mid-September (t.b.c.). You will not be able to register before.

5. Department website

For general orientation, we would also like to recommend our department website, where you will find all the information you need under "Studies". The structure is as described in the illustration (click to enlarge!).


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