Instructions for registering for lectures

1. Your courses of the first semester (example: International Business)

Many of you will start in the International Business programme (IB) in the winter semester 2023/24. In this case, your first semester with us will consist of the courses highlighted in this study chart (please click to enlarge!):

  • Introduction to Management
  • Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Principles of Economics
  • Principles of Law
  • Quantitative Methods 1 (Applied Mathematics)

(If you start with us in the Business Information Systems or Business Administration programme, all of the following information applies analogously. For comparison, please call up your corresponding study table on our website and determine the modules in which you will participate in your first semester.)

Note: The timetables are expected to be published in mid-September (t.b.c.).

2. Registration for courses

The following instructions follow the Stud.IP view in the browser of your laptop or home PC. The display on smartphones may differ. We recommend using your laptop or home PC!

Register on Stud.IP as a first-semester student for your courses by proceeding as follows (possible from mid-September):

  1. Log in to Stud.IP with your user ID.

  2. Select the item "Search" in the menu (magnifying glass symbol).
  3. Make sure that "on the left" the semester "WS 2023/24" is selected.
  4. Enter a keyword or a specific term for one of the courses in your semester. Please note: Several courses containing the same terms may be displayed here, as the search is university-wide without any further filters. Please make sure that you enter the correct term.
  5. Now, after you have called up the overview page of the course, select "Go to course" on the left and confirm the subsequent query with "Yes".
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all courses of your semester.
  7. If you then select the item "Courses" in the menu, you will see a list of all modules for which you have successfully registered this way.
  8. Call up one of the courses and see what content is offered here, in particular:
    "Overview", "Participants", "Files", "Schedule".
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