Prof. Dr. Jörg Gutsche

Teaching and research areas

  • Marketing (especially price management, product management, brand management and relationship marketing)
  • Corporate management (especially strategic management and management consulting)
  • Data Science  


Jörg Gutsche holds a professorship in Marketing and Corporate Management at the Business School at Trier University of Applied Sciences. In this role, he is responsible for the topics of price management, product management, brand management, relationship marketing, corporate management and data science.

Previously, Jörg worked for many years as a management consultant, first as an associate at The Boston Consulting Group, then as a director at Simon-Kucher & Partners and most recently as a freelancer. In these positions, he acquired and managed numerous strategy and marketing projects - including over two years in other European countries, Asia and the USA.

In addition, Jörg also has experience as a line manager. Among other things, as Head of Risk and Pricing Methods at a German retail bank, he was responsible for the central analytical processes and methods for risk and price management.

Jörg studied industrial engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and did his doctorate on the economics of open source software at the Faculty of Economics and Law at the University of Mannheim. In his spare time, he is a passionate backgammon player and enjoys reading, preferably fiction and historical non-fiction.

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Articles in journals and anthologies
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Articles in newspapers and magazines
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Refereed internet articles
  • Gutsche, J. (2018): Sieben Gebote für erfolgreiches Crowdfunding, Springer Professional, Wiesbaden, Springer, veröffentlicht am 12.06.2018.
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Other publications
  • Wübker, G. / Engelke, J. / Gutsche, J. (2009): Ertragspotentiale nutzen - Innovatives Pricing von Konsumentenkrediten, Financial Services Series, Bonn, Simon-Kucher.
  • Gutsche, J. (2006): Ökonomische Analyse offener Software, Dissertation, Mannheim, Universität Mannheim.
  • Gutsche, J. (2004): Autonome Produktentwicklung durch Konsumenten - Lehren aus der Open-Source-Bewegung, Arbeitspapier, Mannheim, Universität Mannheim.
Prof. Dr. Jörg Gutsche
Prof. Dr. Jörg Gutsche
Professor FB Wirtschaft


Schneidershof | Building K | Room 105


  • Member of the Faculty Council
  • Head of the Business Management programme (M.A.)
  • Member of the Audit Committee BM
  • Voting member of the Senate
  • Member of the Committee for Higher Education Development
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