Part I: Prepare search

I.3.5 Using placeholders: truncation and masking

  • Truncation:

    With a truncation you can search a word stem with all possible endings. To do this, place a character at the end of the root of a search term that is a placeholder for potential word endings (right truncation).

    Example: "eco*" finds (among others) "economics", "economist", "ecosystem", etc.
  • Masking - insert wildcard: 

    Masking allows you to replace only a single character within a search term with a wildcard.

    Example: "mi?rosensor" finds "microsensor" or "Mikrosensor".

Truncation and masking characters can vary from one information tool to another. Often the characters * or ? or $ are used. Please refer to the help texts of your information tool.

Right truncated search in the database wiso.

Search leads among others to hits with "Modezeichnungen" and "Modezeichnen".

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