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The central contact point for all matters relating to studying at the Trier location is located on the main campus. You will find the staff of the student service on the ground floor of building G. In our office, students, prospective students and applicants can find all essential services in one place. The offer includes the areas of the Student secretariat, Examination Office and General student counselling. The study service is divided into three work teams, each of which is assigned a specific degree program. This means that students always have permanent contact persons throughout their studies.

Study Service

General Student Advisory Service

The General Student Advisory Service offers advice and orientation if you ask yourself, for example:

  • if you want to study
  • if the studies you are planning are also the right ones
  • how you can prepare yourself for this before you start your studies
  • whether you can cancel a program you have already enrolled in
  • the possibility of a change of study programme


Thomas Henner, Dipl.-Verwaltungswirt (FH)
Tel. +49 651 8103 335

Christian Clemens, Public Administration Specialist
Tel. +49 651 8103 529

Academic Counseling

The Academic Counseling  advises you on:

  • specific study requirements,
  • concrete study contents (modules) and
  • degrees and postgraduate studies.

Contact for Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes.

Student fee

Semester Fee

The amount of the semester fee is displayed to each student in the Studis-Portal in the "My Studies - Study Service" (Mein Studium - Studienservice) section under the payments section for the respective semester periods. The beginning of a pre-registration phase is communicated by e-mail. As a rule, this e-mail is sent in mid-June for the winter semester and in mid-December for the summer semester.   

After a positive examination of the application documents, applicants will receive a request for payment by e-mail.   

If you have any questions about the amount and composition of the semester fee, please contact the staff of the Admision & Student Service Staff .

Gest Students

If there is sufficient capacity in an undergraduate programme, people who wish to continue their education in individual courses may be admitted as guest students upon application.

Admission as a guest student is not conditioned by the requirements for admission according to the enrolment regulations.

The application for admision as a guest Student (in geman) must be presented in a written form to the Trier University of Applied Sciences within the specified deadline (usually before the beginning of the semester 01.03. or 01.09.)

A guest auditorium is free of charge for the group of people who are refugees, otherwise fees will be charged depending on the extent of the visit.

Exam administration/ exam registration/ withdrawal of exams

Access to QIS (Overview of services provided, exam registration and downloads)

General Information about Registering for Exams via QIS (in german)

Specific programme information for the registration of examinations and re-examination (in german)


Dear Students,
as of Tuesday, the 9th of March 2021, the QIS System, in its current format, can no longer be utilized or accessed because of technical difficulties. Our IT department is currently in the process of installing a new version of QIS; however, this installation process will take a minimum of 14 days to complete. Until the new version is officially installed and functioning properly, online procedures such as the registration and de-registration of examinations, overview of current examination registrations, to include grades and the downloading of transcripts WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE. Due to the aforementioned situation, the following changes will be in effect immediately:

Registration and de-registration of examinations:
From now on, registration and deregistration for all examinations can only be done by e-mail via the Student Administration Office. Please use the following e-mail address: studienservice(at)hochschule-trier.dePlease state your name, your matriculation number, your degree programme and write the exact name of the examination as well as the date of the examination for which you wish to register or deregister. The more precise your details are, the faster this can be processed. You can find the necessary information in the published examination schedules. These are usually published on the websites of the subject areas. Please note the registration and deregistration deadlines according to the examination schedule. Your registration or deregistration will only be recorded in the system by the Student Administration Office if your e-mail is received by the registration deadline. Late mails will not be considered! Please also send questions about examinations by e-mail to the above address.

Grade bookings:
Until the new system is released, you will not be able to view your grades and the examiners will not be able to post grades. Grades that must be entered during the transition period can be entered manually by the Student Administration Office after consultation with the examiners. If you have any questions about grades, please contact the Student Administration Office by e-mail or telephone. You can also find the contact details on our website

Until the new system is officially accessible, you will not be able to access any type of transcripts. If transcripts are needed for urgent matters such as applications for various types of services, please contact the Student Administration Office as they can provide transcripts on a case by case bases. If you need a transcript overview for urgent purposes it can be sent to you by post or collected from the Student Administration Office during normal opening hours.

We kindly ask for your understanding and patience in this matter and apologize for any unseen limitations that the current situation might cause. Please ensure that you check your email accounts on a regular basis as you will be contacted in a timely manner with all new and current developments


Withdrawal from examinations in the case of medical illness
The reasons given for failing to attend an Exam or for withdrawing after the start of an exam must be reported immediately in a written and credible form to the Study Service. In the unfortunate event of illness, the certificate must be submitted to the Study Service as soon as possible, i.e. without hesitation, at the latest no later than the third working day after the examination date. The certificate must show that the student is unable to participate in the examination. Please use the following suppementary sheet to declare your withdrawal.

Attention!!! In some courses of study the presentation of an official medical certificate is required. Please find out in time which certificate is required by your examination committee.

Withdrawal from examinations during pregnancy

During pregnancy, special protection regulations apply in accordance with the German Maternity Protection Law. In order to exercise these rights, the pregnancy must first be notified to the Study Service. The following link (in german)  will provide you with further important information.

PUBLICUS - Official Publication of the Trier University of Applied Sciences

All examination regulations of the university are published in PUBLICUS (in german)

Recognition of study and examination achievements

At the Trier University of Applied Sciences, study and examination achievements acquired in a university in Germany or abroad are recognised upon application by the student. Recognition can only be refused if there is evidence of a significant difference between the work performed and the work to be replaced. The application must be addressed to the respective examination board. The application shall list the modules desired for recognition. Certificates of achievement and module descriptions must be enclosed with the application. Students receive a notification of recognition from the Student Administration Office.

Recognition or accreditation is regulated in the respective examination regulations for your degree programme. The examination regulations are published at PUBLICUS (in german), the official publication of the Trier University of Applied Sciences. 

You can find information on the procedure here (in german).


To continue your studies and participate in the exams in Winter Semester 2021, you need to re-register within the re-registration period from 15.06.2021 to 15.07.2021. All further information can be found in the following document:

Re-registration information for Winter Semester 2021/2022


Students can be temporarily absent from their studies if they submit a written application and provide proof of an important reason. The application for exeat must be filed within the deadline for re-registration for the respective semester at the Study Service of the Trier University of Applied Sciences. A retroactive exeat does not take place. Exceptions are only possible in the case of sudden and unexpected events occurring within four weeks of the beginning of the semester.

Reasons for exeat are in particular:

  • An extended period of illness of the student which prevents proper study in the semester in which the course is taking place
  • Care of a relative who is ill or otherwise in need of help as well as a partner who does not permit orderly studying in the semester in question, in particular as a result of the overwhelming personal presence of the person to be cared for as a result of the care
  • Internships, unless required by an examination regulation 
  • A study visit abroad or the completion of a practical work experience abroad to study. 
  • Periods of pregnancy or maternity of a child
  • Financing the studies
  • Activity under the Federal Voluntary Service Act (BFDG) 
  • Cases of other particular social hardship

An exeat to prepare for a final examination, Bachelor's or Master's thesis, etc. is excluded.

Change of study or double programme/ master enrolment

A change of course or the transition to a Master's course is basically a change of enrolment.  A change of enrolment can only be made upon request during the application/enrolment deadlines.

You must submit your application via  Studis-Portal . Detailed instructions can be found here.



The application for de-registration can be made at any time. It takes effect at the end of the de-registration semester if no other date is applied. A retroactive cancellation of the enrolment upon application is inadmissible. The application for de-registration on the date of application takes effect from the following day of receipt of the application at the Trier University of Applied Sciences.





Hochschule Trier
Study Service (Studienservice Gebäude G)
54293 Trier



You will find the Study Service at the main campus in building G between the entrance to the school auditorium and the lecture halls. You can reach our Servicepoint under the telephone number 0651 8103 -335 / fax number 0651 8103 - 314.


Dates for consultations

Monday to Wednesday from 9:30 am to 12.00 am and from 13:00 to 15:00
Thursdays and Fridays only by previous request

Team and competences

Study Service

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