Food and drinks

The canteen, which is accessible to all, repeatedly occupies top positions in nationwide surveys. During the semester, at least six glutamate-free and very different dishes are available every day.

Further information such as menus and opening hours are offered exclusively in German and can be found here.

Canteen and Co

At the Schneidershof location there is a barrier-free mensa with an attached cafeteria. In the former there are regular and component meals, in the latter there is a typical cafeteria offer and the so-called "small menu". At the beginning of 2018, a pasta counter, the "Casa Blanca", was added to the cafeteria's menu. Here you will find freshly prepared pasta dishes prepared according to your wishes on a daily basis. The food dispensers can also be used by wheelchair users. Should any problems arise, the (according to experience very) friendly staff will be happy to help you.

The menus can also be found on various notices in the buildings. The app also keeps you well informed at all times.

Food ingredients and additives

The menus show the internationally used graphic symbols (beef, fish, vegetarian, etc.) in the description of the main courses. Additives that must be declared (colouring, preservative, etc.) are indicated on almost all menus.

Daily the dishes are freshly prepared on site and at least 1 vegan dish is always offered.

Changing actions (e.g. regional specialities) extend the versatile offer.


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