Administration in Main Campus

In order to ensure efficient and service-oriented processing of all tasks, the University of Applied Sciences administration is divided into several departments. We regard ourselves as a future and solution oriented service team. Therefore, key competences such as flexibility, internal and external communication, specific advice and quality assurance are of utmost importance.


General Administration

 General Administration is divided into the following areas of responsibility:


Head of General Administation
Jürgen Strupp
Tel. +49 651 8103-438
Schneidershof J/110

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Study Service

Study Service handles the tasks of the Student Office, the Examinations Office and the General Student Advisory Service.

Hed of Study Service
Thomas Henner
Tel. +49 651 8103-456
Schneidershof G/4


Operating Technology and Central Services

Operating Technology and Central Services is divided into three main areas:


Head of Operating Technology and Central Services
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Alexander Föhr
Tel. +49 651 8103-362
Schneidershof A/7


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Subject areas


In the "Procurement" area, all procurement processes are checked and processed if the net order value is €500 or above. Additionally, the subject area is responsible for carrying out award procedures when the applicable threshold values are exceeded. We also advise on practical and legal issues arising in connection with procurement, regardless of the amount concerned.

Mona Weltermann
Tel. +49 (0) 6782 17-1489
Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld
Gebäude 9924 / Raum 146

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(Site under construction)

Vanessa Burkhardt
Tel. +49 651 8103-727
Schneidershof J/3

Internal information for TUAS employees:: INTRANET

External funds/Taxes/Elections

The area of responsibility "External Funds and Taxes" includes the administrative management of ongoing external funding projects with public and private sources of funds. That also provides for the clearance of tax issues and the submission of reports to the tax authorities.

The elections supervisor is responsible for the preparation and coordination of the university elections under § 1 WahlO (German election regulations).

Sabine Schmitt
Tel. +49 651 8103-410
Schneidershof J/8

Internal information for TUAS employees:  INTRANET

Legal Department

The legal department is responsible for all legal issues relating to university law, examination law, administrative law, civil law, etc. Additionally, the legal advisor's office is responsible for verifying all legal issues:

  •   University regulations
  •   Contracts for work and labour
  •    External funds, cooperation and other contracts

Legal advisor:
Cornelia Binz

Wednesdays, Office Trier:
Tel. +49 651 8103-545
Schneidershof J/4

Mondays and Thursdays, Office UCB:
Tel. +49 6782 17 - 1922
Building 9924, Room 138

Organization/Administrative IT


The area of responsibility of the "Organization/Administrative IT" department includes the supervision of software systems to support the specialist tasks and procedures of the TUAS administration departments. That includes specifically:

  • Selection, procurement and introduction of specialist methods
  • Support and user support for questions regarding the use of the methods
  • Integration of the specialist procedures into the existing system environment of the university

The central process management for the administrative processes and the consideration of data protection in the use of the specialized procedures is still located in the subject area "Organization/Administrative IT".

Martin Greving
Tel. +49 651 8103-491
Schneidershof F/09

Alfred Greiber
Tel. +49 651 8103-740
Schneidershof J/201

Sandra Liebscher
Tel. +49 651 8103-744
Schneidershof J/201

Head of Administration

Claudia Hornig
Claudia Hornig
Kanzlerin Verwaltung


Birkenfeld | Building | Room
Jürgen Strupp
Jürgen Strupp
Stellvertretender Kanzler Verwaltung


+49 651 8103-438


Schneidershof | Building J | Room 110
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