Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after registration in the Application Portal?

After registering with your data, the university will send you a welcome email with access details and a verification link. Please click on the link and then log in to the Application Portal (login field: top right-hand corner of the screen). After successful login, you can start your application process.


I have forgotten my access data, so what happens now?

You can generate a new password via the system. If this does not work, please contact the Servicepoint on +49651 8103 335.


What does University Entrance Qualification mean? (HZB)?

The University Entrance Qualification (HZB) is a collective term for all educational qualifications that entitle the holder to study at a university. It determines at which universities and in which subjects you can study. When you apply, you must enter your personal HZB in the system. You can find a help for filling in the form here (in german).


What does "aHR", "FHR" and "fgHR" mean?

These abbreviations define the type of higher education entrance qualification.


"aHR" means "Allgemeine Hochschulreife".

"FHR" means "Fachhochschulreife".

"fgHR" means "fachgebundene Hochschulreife".

If you have problems with the assignment of your higher education entrance qualification, please have a look in the help for the types of higher education entrance qualification.

Does my application finish when I submit my online inscription?

No, after completing the online enrollment, you must print out the PDF application form for enrolment, sign it and send it to the pre-printed address with the requested documents according to the attached checklist.


What is recognised as official certification?

Any authority or public authority that carries a seal of approval (e.g. local mayors, local chiefs, municipal administrations, mayor's offices, association municipal administrations) and churches and courts organised under public law or notaries can officially certify. Further information is available here.


When must I pay the semester fee?

After favourable review of the matriculation documents submitted by post, you will receive a request for a payment. Please do not pay in advance. You will receive a description of purpose in the payment request. It consists of your applicant number. Please include this number in the reason for payment.


How will I be informed about my successfully enrollment?

You will be informed by post about a successful enrolment. The confirmation contains useful information about the beginning of your studies, information about the application for Bafög, information about the Studentenwerk Trier and a proof of enrolment. You will receive your student ID card personally upon presentation of your identity card at the Study Service at the beginning of the semester (01.03. or 01.09.). Please note the opening hours. 


Will I get my money back if I don't start to study?

If you cannot be accepted, e.g. because your HZB does not entitle you to study at the Trier University of Applied Sciences or you decide on another place of study, you will get your money back.

Even if you want to cancel your enrolment, you will get your money back, as long as you do this by the beginning of the lecture. If an ID card has already been issued, the amount for the card (15 €) cannot be refunded.

For all cases described above, please use the following form (in German) Antrag auf Rückerstattung.

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Then please contact the Study Service.


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