Semester Fee

Semester Fee

The amount of the semester fee is displayed to each student in the Studis-Portal in the "My Studies - Study Service" (Mein Studium - Studienservice) section under the payments section for the respective semester periods. The beginning of a pre-registration phase is communicated by e-mail. As a rule, this e-mail is sent in mid-June for the winter semester and in mid-December for the summer semester.   

After a positive examination of the application documents, applicants will receive a request for payment by e-mail.   

If you have any questions about the amount and composition of the semester fee, please contact the staff of the Admision & Student Service Staff .

Fees for second degree studies

A second degree is the acquisition of a second university degree, which is thematically and formally independent of the first degree,  for example, another Bachelor's degree in another subject. The first Master's degree after a Bachelor's degree (or more) is not a second degree. A further Master's degree after completing a Master, however, counts as a second degree. In these cases, a fee of 700, - € per semester is charged in addition to the semester fee. Excepted from tuition are students on leave for the duration of their leave of absence.


Fees for continuing Master studies

Continuing Master programs are often subject to a fee. In additional to the normal semester fees, further fees are charged. The exact amount differs from degree course to degree program. Please check the corresponding course pages.


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