Information about application and admission

Have you decided to study at our university and would you like to apply now? The application phase for the summer semester 2020 is expected to start at the beginning of December 2019.

For a short overview of admission requirements, deadlines and application procedures, we have compiled the essential information for you.

Admission requirements

Bachelor Studium

Master Studium

A Bachelor's certificate is required for admission to a Master's programme. 
Besides, there may be restrictions in the Bachelor's degrees admitted, a minimum grade, aptitude tests or additionally required internships.
You can find special admission requirements on the information pages of the respective degree programme. 


The application deadlines for the summer semester 2020 have not yet been fixed.



Application and matriculation procedure

!!!Important notice!!!

For the winter semester 2019/2020, all offered courses are free of admission.

The application for admission-free study programmes is consequently a direct enrolment. The following steps must be completed to guarantee a place via direct online admission:

Step 1: After filling in the online enrolment form, please submit the application for enrolment with all required documents according to the checklist to the Study Service in due time.

Step 2: Complete the admission requirements for the course of studies you have applied for (information on the course of studies offer) These will be checked after receipt of the application and documentation.

Step 3: You have to pay the semester fee. The request for payment is issued after a positive assessment of step 2.
If all conditions are satisfied, you will receive confirmation of enrolment in the form of study documents and information about the beginning of the semester.

Detailed description of the application procedure: 

1. Registration in the applicant portal

Once you have familiarized yourself with the study programmes offered by our university, follow the link to the online application portal of the Trier University of Applied Sciences. Before starting with your application, you must register on the website and create an applicant-account. To do this, click on the link "Register now!" at the homepage of the online application portal and enter your data there. You will be asked to choose a password, and you will receive an e-mail after completing the registration process. Your account will be activated with the help of the link given therein.  

2. Choose course and fill in your data

Once the account has been successfully activated, you can re-register and apply for the desired degree programme. You can stop the online application at any time and resume it later, e.g. if you need to search for further information. Your previous data will be saved. The application will now have the status "in progress". You can only edit the application and the associated information until you finally submit it by clicking on " Send application". Recheck your details before submitting your application. Afterwards, any changes can only be accepted after the application has been withdrawn and the university will not process the application until it is sent again. In the case of Bachelor's and Master's programmes without admission, online enrolment takes place directly after submission of the application. You will be directed step by step through the individual pages in which you enter the data necessary for enrollment. After completing the online registration, you will have the opportunity to open and print the application form as a PDF document. Please send us this application together with the required documents according to the checklist.

3. Verification of documents and matriculation

After we receive your application documents, we will check them. If any documents are missing, we will request them via e-mail. You will then have the opportunity to submit any missing documents within the application deadline. 

If you meet the admission requirements and have all the necessary documents, you will receive a payment request to transfer the semester fee. After we have received the amount into our account, you will receive a confirmation of enrolment within 14 days.

If the admission requirements are not fulfilled, you will receive a written notice of rejection. 

Information for refugees

For studying at the Trier University of Applied Sciences, you will need a school report which enables direct access to higher education, according to the assessment proposals of the Central Office for Foreign Education (KMK).  

You can carry out a self-check of your HZB via "Anabin", the information system for the recognition of foreign educational certificates, which is provided by the KMK.  The database contains all the necessary information on the country-specific higher education entrance qualifications, education system and universities. Please check your HZB here: "Anabin"

Applications must be submitted via the service facility Uni Assist in Berlin.

Refugees in Germany can take part in the free test procedure at Uni Assist. The prerequisite for this is the proof of residence status and the presentation of a university certificate. You will receive the university certificate from the study service of the Trier University of Applied Sciences after a study counselling session with the academic counsellor who is responsible for your preferred programme of higher education. Please schedule an appointment. The academic counsellor will confirm your participation in the counselling service. You will then receive the university certificate from the Study Service.  

General Study Counselling

The General Student Advisory Service offers advice and orientation if you ask yourself, for example:

  • if you want to study
  • if the studies you are planning are also the right ones
  • how you can prepare yourself for this before you start your studies
  • whether you can cancel a program you have already enrolled in
  • the possibility of a change of study programme



Thomas Henner, Dipl.-Verwaltungswirt (FH)
Tel. +49 651 8103 335

Christian Clemens, Public Administration Specialist
Tel. +49 651 8103 529

Academic Counselling

The Academic Counseling  advises you on:


  • specific study requirements,
  • concrete study contents (modules) and
  • degrees and postgraduate studies.

Contact for Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes.

Address for applications:

Trier University of Applied Sciences
Study Service - Building G
54293 Trier

Contact person for applicants: 

You will find the Study Service (Studienservice) on the Main Campus (Trier) in building G, between the entrance to the Aula and the lecture rooms.  You can reach our service point at the phone number +49 651 8103 -335 / fax number +49 651 8103 - 314.

Opening hours:

Monday to Wednesday,  from 9:30 to 12.00 and from 13:00 to 15:00.
Thursdays and Fridays only by previous appointment.

Team and responsibilities:

Admision & Student Service Staff 


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