Part I: Prepare search

I.2.2 Formal and content-related characteristics

The following applies to every information medium: Find out what features it offers you.

  • Type of publications covered:

    Are only print books, e-books or journal titles (independently published literature) listed or also journal articles and book chapters (dependently published literature)?
  • Media form of the listed publications:

    Are only printed media listed or also electronic products (e-journals, e-books, DVDs)? Are there only literature references in the subject database or call numbers (= address of a work in the bookshelves of a library)? Or can I also view the full text of activated electronic products?
  • Thematic and technical content:

    Is interdisciplinary or subject-specific literature listed?
  • Language:

    Are only German-language publications listed or also publications in other languages?
  • Reporting period:

    For which period are publications listed?
  • Search options:

    Does the information tool offer advanced search options and aids such as operators and wildcards that help to define search queries more precisely?

This information can be found in the help and information texts of the respective information tool.

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