Part III: Information procurement

III.1 Delivery types and costs

Costs, scopes of delivery, delivery conditions and delivery times can vary from service to service.

Our tip: Use the interlibrary loan service of our university library!


  • interlibrary loan
  • direct delivery services, e.g. subito
  • download offers of the publishers: pay per view
  interlibrary loan subito pay per view
suppliers books by mail from library to library; loan to user; articles may not be sent to the user as pdf since 01.01.2008; mostly scan print delivery to the library, print/copy to user all delivery methods direct to the end user direct to the end user, download from the publisher's websites by the end user
costs 1,50 € per book or article, for articles of more than 20 pages there may be processing fees for supplier libraries outside Rhineland-Palatinate/NRW different depending on the user group; delivery type and time: book from 8 €, article from 4 € (only with delivery) different depending on the publisher: 20 - 40 €, sometimes more
duration Books: approx. 10 - 30 working days, depending on the loan status in the libraries; articles: usually 1-3 working days, possibly longer normal order: max. 3 working days (+ mailing), express order: 1 working day (+ mailing) directly after payment

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