Part III: Information procurement

III.2 How do I give up an interlibrary loan?

  • What can be ordered?

    Books and journal articles that are not available in the library stocks of the Trier UAS Library can be easily ordered via interlibrary loan from other libraries via the German interlibrary loan service.

    You can also order media from other Trier libraries and have them conveniently sent to the library of the Trier UAS. The costs are identical to those of interlibrary loan. The cooperation agreement exists between Trier University Library, Weberbach City Library, Library of the Seminary and Trier UAS Library.
  • What is not available?

    There are a number of document types that cannot be ordered or are not delivered, for example:
    • works that are available in bookshops at a low price. Currently the price limit is 15,00 EUR.
    • works of particular value, especially from the 16th and 17th centuries. Many libraries have also excluded works published before 1800 from interlibrary loan. In these cases, however, copies can usually be made for a fee.
    • loose-leaf editions and entire issues or volumes of magazines.
  • How long is the loan period?

    The loan period is set differently by the individual supplying libraries.

    It usually lasts four weeks.

    In most cases a one-time extension is allowed. Sometimes, however, we are informed already at the time of delivery that no extension or only a shortened loan period is possible.
  • How do you place your order (location: Trier UAS Schneidershof)?

    Please contact the service desk directly with your order requests. As an already registered user you can also send an e-mail to bibliothek[at]

    In the case of books, the following information is required from you:

    * author
    * title
    * year
    * if known: ISBN
    * info: Do you wish exactly this edition or would an older one also be ok?

    Example: "Birnbacher, Dieter: Analytical Introduction to Ethics, 2013 (3rd ed.), ISBN: 978-3110313611. No older edition please."

    To order copies of articles we need the following information:

    * author of the article
    * title of the article
    * page numbers of the article in the journal
    * title of the journal
    * year of publication of the journal / volume of the journal
    * issue number (so many issues of the year)
    * if known: ISSN
    * info: Up to what amount are you willing to pay additional costs (for articles longer than twenty pages)?

    Example: "Perini, Laura: The truth in pictures, 2005. in: Philosophy of Science, 72(1), p. 262-285, ISSN: 0031-8248. additional costs up to max. 4,00 EUR".

    (You do not have to find out yourself in which libraries the book or journal is available.)

    Please give us your details at the service desk with your name, your user number (on student card or user ID) and your e-mail address. You will receive an e-mail from us after the literature has arrived.

    We can provide you with information on the status of your orders at any time in the information offices.

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