Part II: Perform search

II.1.2 Search, display, export

  • Search:

    Electronic information tools offer various search options and search masks that allow searching in different search categories (author, title keyword, keyword, year, place of publication, etc.).

    Usually the following options are available:
    • Search across all fields (= simple search, standard search, quick search, free search, simple search etc.)

      It is often offered as the initial page of an information tool. In a single input field, you can enter terms from one or more search categories ("all fields", "cross-field", "anywhere" etc.).

      Such a search is particularly suitable if you already know several words from the title or at least one word from the title and the author.

      A thematic search often produces an unnecessary number of hits.
    • Search in individual fields (= advanced search, mask search etc.)

      When searching in individual fields, a mask with several input fields is available, which you can use to link search terms and search categories.

      Often formal filter criteria are also offered, such as language, material type, publication period, document type.

    • Expert search (= command search etc.)

      For the expert search, you must use the command language provided - such a search requires a good knowledge of the effect of the so-called Boolean operators and is only suitable for complex search queries that cannot be mapped using the input template of the field search.

    • Index search

      With the help of the index search you can "browse" through alphabetically sorted lists. An index search is useful if you do not know the exact spelling of a search term (e.g. "questionnaire" or "questionaire"). In addition, the index search can provide information on further search entries.

  • Display formats:

    In most library catalogues, the result of your search will be a list of matching titles in short form. You will only receive detailed information in the full display.

  • Export search results:

    The options for processing the search results are different in each library catalogue. You often have the option of saving your hit lists, sending them by e-mail or printing them out. (Trier UAS: You can obtain a printout of your hit list at the service desk.)

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