A.9 Quoting with in-text short citations

Topic: IV.2 Quoting and citing

The following example illustrates quotation using a footnote short citation. Since not all relevant information is listed in the short citation, it must be 'supplied' via the list of references.

Important: The short citation must uniquely refer to a specific entry in the list of references. (For author-year style citations, the following applies: If I quote two of Walton's works from 2008 in my text, the year of publication of one work is given the suffix "a" throughout and that of the other the suffix "b", i.e. "Walton (2008a)" and "Walton (2008b)". This makes it possible to uniquely relate the short citation to the entry in the list of references).

For comparison:

  • Text: in-text short citation

    So betont Walton (2008): "In a scientific discussion exclusively about laws of physics and their scientific verification, personal attacks on the character or personal convictions of the arguer have no place. However, in a political debate, questions of personal character and varacity can be highly relevant." (p. 175)
  • List of References

    Walton, Douglas (2008): Informal Logic. A Pragmatic Approach, 2nd ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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