A.6 Thesaurus

Topic: II.2.1 Was does a research offer?

The following two examples show you screenshots from two German thesauri: a) the technology thesaurus of the TEMA database and b) the Standard Thesaurus Economics (STW), here implemented in the wiso database.

The screenshot of the technology thesaurus displays the entry for the German term "Computer". Under "Begriffsfamilie" ["term family"], German synonyms (B), English synonyms (E), generic terms (O), subterms (U) - and - not visible in the screenshot - related terms (V) are listed. They can be included in a search by clicking on the icons in front of the expressions. Under "Hierarchie" ["hierarchy"] the terms, all subterms as well as sub-subterms etc. are listed. With the "Hierarchiesuche" ["hierarchy search"] they are all queried at once.

The screenshot of the economic thesaurus shows the entry for the Germen term "Handelskonflikt" ["trade retaliation"]. Here you will also find German and English equivalents, generic terms and related terms that can be included in a search.

Database TEMA: technology thesaurus
Database wiso: standard thesaurus economics

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