Gemstone engraving - contemporary cameos and intaglios

The first cameos came to us from the city of Alexandria, which was founded in 322 B.C. -  the strength of the stones ensured the durability of creations - since then a lot of masterpieces of architecture and sculpture were gone, the paintings of ancient artists disappeared without a trace, but ancient gems still keep the beauty and secrets of bygone times.
So, joining the course, you also will get a chance to create your own relief, that can survive the centuries :)

Options of what can be created:

  • cameo is a convex relief image engraved in a natural two-layer stone, where by changing the thickness of the white agate's layer (so that the colored base layer shines through it) you can achieve a smooth transition of colors in your image.
  • Intaglio is a gemma with in-depth image. Since ancient times they served as seals. You can also create intaglio in transparent stone, and enjoy your ornament from the other side.

Inga will prepare samples of ornaments, but, if you already have an idea or favorite symbol, you may of course follow your own motives, ideas and designs and accomplish wonderful gems.


Course details

  • date: 12th of August - 16th of August | duration: 5 days, 35 hrs
  • participants: min./ max. 6 
  • language: English and Russian 


Inga Tomilina

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