Gemstone faceting

Lapidary techniques: the magic caleidoscope

This course is about cutting facets, bringing out the colour of the stones and optimising the play of light and sparkle.

After a theoretical introduction to the stones, the faceting patterns and the cutting techniques, we will move on to the lapidary tables, one for each participant. Each participant will be provided with a number of ebouched stones. These stones will be  faceted according to the jointly developed faceting patterns.

The basic knowledge imparted during this week and, depending on the speed of development of the participants, also advanced techniques of faceting coloured gemstones, enable an independent design of stones - also beyond the well-known traditional faceting patterns. Due to the small group size, all participants are individually guided to success.

Please note: this course is not about freeform or cabochon cuts, we will solely concentrate on lapidary technique!

About me:
My name is Amir Nawrozzadeh, I am a qualified gem cutter and gemologist specialising in coloured stones. My career started in the rough stone trade in my father's company, during this time we travelled a lot in Afghanistan and Pakistan to visit mines and buy rough stones. During these years, I gained a lot of experience in mining and trading coloured gemstones. After returning to Idar-Oberstein, I decided to consolidate my knowledge and attended the Gemmological Institute. There I graduated as a gemologist (FFG) gemstone expert.

I wanted to expand my theoretical knowledge with practical experience and began training as a lapidary gem cutter at HC Arnoldi in 2017, which I successfully completed in 2020 and where I am still working.

In recent years, I have often worked for the Trier University of Applied Sciences, Gemstones and Jewellery Campus in Idar-Oberstein, where I have both prepared expert reports and offered cutting courses as a lecturer. 

Tools and Supplies

ISA supplies:

  • some ebouched stones,
  • faceting table and accessories,
  • grinding powder.

Please bring the following:

  • Water-resistant clothing and sturdy shoes,
  • a 10x magnifying glass.

Teacher: Amir Nawrozzadeh (AF)


Course details

  • course 1: 19th - 23rd of August 2024

  • course 2: 26th - 30th of August 2024

  • duration: 5 days, 35 hrs
  • participants: min. 4 / max. 5
  • language: English, German

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