International Summer Academy from 19 - 30 August 2024


Each summer the Idar-OberSTEIN Campus opens its workshops to jewellery designers and students from all over the world. In fourteen different workshops, instructed by renowned artists, you will be able to discover new artistic horizons and master techniques to be implemented into your own professional practice. The two week programme gives you the option to choose your own focus and to participate either in one or in two workshops. Workhops will be offered by teachers from Afghanistan, Belgium, Germany, Georgia, Italy, and Estonia.

The International Summer Academy creates an intercultural learning platform by establishing an intensive exchange between participants from all over the world. We have each year hosted participants from over 15 countries.

In addition to the workshops there will be opportunities to participate in excursions to jewellery and gemstone merchants, as well as visits to the agate and copper mines within the Idar-Oberstein area. Please reserve also time for a visit to the Jakob Bengel Foundation and the unique gemstone museum "Deutsches Edelstein Museum" (German site only).

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