Non-enrolled students

Only persons who wish to receive further education in individual areas of knowledge can be admitted on request as non-enrolled students in the context of existing study places. Admission as a guest auditor is not subject to admission requirements for regular students, as long as the educational level indicates that the courses can be followed. 

Applications for admission must be submitted to the study service with the relevant attachments (latest certificate of education) within the re-registration deadline.

Admission as a guest auditor occurs by means of a guest certificate only for one semester; upon request, an extension is possible.

The attendance of exercises and internships is only permitted with the agreement of the responsible lecturer; attendance at lectures is not restricted. Proof of achievements of any kind can not be provided.

The guest certificate also serves as proof for the attendance of the attended study events.

Non-enrolled students do not participate in discounts (for example, meal allowance, fare discounts) of regular students.

For the studies of a guest auditor, a fee is charged in accordance with the state ordinance on fees in the fields of science, further education and culture (Special fee schedule) of 27.11.2014 in the currently valid version:

up to 4 credit hours per week - 160,00 € per semester
up to 8 credit hours per week - 260,00 € per semester
from 9 credits hours per week -  360,00 € per semester
Issue certificate for non-enrollded students - 6,00 €

The corresponding fee must be transferred by the end of the re-registration deadline. 

Please transfer the corresponding amount to the following account:

Recipient LHK Mainz/Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld
Name of Bank: Deutsche Bundesbank Filiale Mainz
Account number: 550 01511 
Bank Identification number:550 000 00
IBAN: DE25 5500 0000 0055001511
Purpose of use: BIR 0966-BIR-11131 “ last name, first name, date of birth"

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