Artist in Residence Programme

Living & Working

The workshops
The historical workshops of the Bengel factory as well as the studios and laboratories of the university are at your disposal.
The A.i.R. Apartment
The participants will be offered a free apartment with a living space of around 40 square metres in one of the former Bengel company worker's apartments. The apartment has a living/bedroom, kitchen, shower and toilet. Wlan is available in the apartment.

At this moment no application possible

because of the long waiting list and a pile of applications since the start of the Corona pandemic, we have decided to close the application for now.  Please return here later to see if we can again take in applications.
Thank you for your understanding

At a glance

What we offer:

  • duration of stay: 1 - 3 months,
  • scholarship 500€/month,
  • free apartment,
  • use of the workshops at the University & Bengel Foundation.

Requirements for application:

  • at least 3 years of professional artistic practice after graduation (or 5 years of professional artistic practice if autodidact)

Expected output during/after the residency:

  • a representative work for the IO-Collection,
  • a public lecture at the university.


  • one-week workshop at the university
  • exhibition at the Bengel Foundation

Support & Sponsoring

The A.i.R. programme is made possible by the energetic and generous support of the following persons and institutions:

  • County Birkenfeld,
  • City of Idar-Oberstein,
  • Trier University of Applied Sciences, Idar-Oberstein,
  • Jakob Bengel Foundation,
  • Friends of the Jakob Bengel Foundation,
  • Christel and Karl-Dieter Braun, 
  • Peter Wenzel, 
  • Wilhelm Lindemann, 
  • Prof. Ute Eitzenhöfer,
  • Prof. Theo Smeets 

Would you also like to support the programme?


The Idar-Oberstein Artist in Residence Collection

Monika Brugger
Ullo Florack
Leonor Hipolito
Annette Ehinger
Beate Eismann
Kathleen Fink
Jantje Fleischhut
Gesine Hackenberg
Piret Hirv
Ulrike Kämpfert
Anni Kagovere
Anni Kagovere
Anni Kagovere
Beppe Kessler
Beate Klockmann
Bety Majernikova
Julie Mollenhauer
Claudia Oliveira
Claudia Oliveira
Katja Prins
Susanna Rezende
Estella Saez
Karin Seufert
Vera Siemund
Peter Skubic
Monika Strasser
Silke Trekel
Julia Turner
Tarja Tuupanen
Luzia Vogt
Andrea Wagner
Andrea Wagner
Silvia Weidenbach
Francis Willemstijn
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