Artist in Residence: Concept

In cooperation with the Trier University of Applied Sciences, the Jakob Bengel Foundation Idar-Oberstein has been inviting jewellery artists to work as "Artist in Residence" at the historical "Jakob Bengel jewellery and watch chain factory" and the university since May 2006.

In the works created during their stay, they reflect the atmosphere of the listed jewellery manufactory and the omnipresent glittering world of precious stones in Idar-Oberstein. The stay should last a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 3 months. The Artists in Residence are offered a free apartment and a studio space in the industrial monument (an important chain and jewellery factory from the Gründerzeit). The historical machinery (mills, rollers, presses, etc.) can be used. The university's workshops and the "Gemstone and Jewellery" course are also available for use. 

The Artists in Residence receive a monthly grant of 500 €. In Idar-Oberstein, as the European gemstone centre, minerals and gemstones in particular can be purchased at a reasoanble price. A refinery, tool shops and other relevant specialist shops are available in the region. Contact to gemstone processing companies can be established at any time. From the Artists in Residence it is expected that they: 

  • donate to the Jakob Bengel Foundation after the end of the stay 1 - 2 pieces of jewellery on permanent loan. The value of the works (artist's prize) should more or less be equivalent to the grants received. The work(s) will be part of a "Idar-Oberstein municipal Jewellery Collection" and presented regularly.
  • will be available for a public lecture/conference event
  • optional: for a lecture/workshop in the "Gemstone and Jewellery" course of studies at the university
  • optional: to exhibit their work in the jewellery gallery "Villa Bengel"


At a glance

What we offer:

  • duration of stay: 1 - 3 months,
  • scholarship 500€/month,
  • free apartment,
  • use of the workshops at the University & Bengel Foundation.

Requirements for application:

  • at least 3 years of professional artistic practice after graduation (or 5 years of professional artistic practice if autodidact)

Expected output during/after the residency:

  • a representative work for the IO-Collection,
  • a public lecture at the university.


  • one-week workshop at the university
  • exhibition at the Bengel Foundation
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