ENAMEL - vitreous surfaces

add colour and pattern to your jewellery and objects

Enameling is one of the world’s oldest technologies. Its brilliant colour and durability make it a favorable technique for jewellers.

This enamel workshop is aimed for anyone interested in working with enamel, as a way of adding colour and texture to copper. It can be used painted, dripped, sgraffito, layered and ground back, textured and more. You will have the opportunity to experiment with all these techniques, using opaque and transparent enamels and using the kiln to design and create jewelry pieces. Enameling involves fusing powdered glass onto your surface, like copper, silver, gold and firing it to create hard decorative surfaces.

Tools and Supplies

ISA supplies:

  • kiln, safety and enamelling equipment,
  • enamelling powder & paints in fair quantities,
  • sheet copper, copper wire.

Please bring the following:

  • basic jewellery tools like saw, plyers, files, drills in different sizes,
  • hard and soft silver solder & flux/borax,
  • optional ( if you want to enamel on precious metal):
    • (fine) silver and/or gold sheet in various sizes, 
    • different wires in silver, gold.

Teacher: Danni Schwaag (DE)


Course details

  • 26 - 30 AUGUST 2024
  • duration: 5 days, 30 hrs
  • participants: min. 5 / max. 6
  • language: English and German

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