Inga Tomilina

Works in commission



  • since 2018: Master of fine Arts at the University in Idar-Oberstein
  • 2007–2009: Training as a drawing artist in Repin Institute of Arts
  • 2002–2004:  Training as a stone carver at Saint Petersburg Anichkov City Palace of Youth Creativity  

Professional work:

core skills:

  • I have an extensive experience of all kinds of stone carving:
    • sawing up, engraving, polishing, working out textures of surface.
    • I have knowledge of stones.
    • I can do any works with complicated Poly-chrome objects .
    • I can carve cameo portrait by photo.
    • I can copy everything.
    • I can work by own models and without its.

I like to create very tiny exquisite works and difficult tasks inspire me. I like work on my own without models - with Sergey Falkin we work in such manner. My main job profile there was creating interior items and jewelry. I usually make flowers, animals and sculpture of people. I can work both ways on a spindle and by hand drilling machine. I made copies of works of Faberge. I participated in exhibitions "Jewelry Olympus" several times since I was 12 years old.

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