FAQs on starting you studies at the University of Applied Sciences Trier

Dear students, on this page you can find answers to frequently asked questions on starting your studies – from the issuing of your student ID to using the library and financing your studies.



Where and how can I get my student ID? What is it for?

Your student ID is a credit card sized chip card with your photo on it. You can use it in the library as a library card, in the cafeteria to pay for your meals, as a ticket when you take the bus, to get access to the pc labs and as parking authorisation on one of the signposted car parks P1, P2 and P4.
You can pick up your student ID card after start of term by visiting the student administrative service and showing your passport or ID.

You can find more information on your student ID card on the following page:  Student ID



What is a re-registration and why does it concern me?

Students of the University of Applied Sciences Trier have to re-register every semester to demonstrate their intention to continue their studies in the coming semester. You do that by transferring the semester fees. The respective form with all applicable deadlines and further important information can be found under Downloads. You will also be reminded by the student administrative service via an e-mail to your student account to pay the fees.



How can I use the electronic services (E-Mail, WLAN, Stud.IP, etc.) of the university? Where can I get my personal user ID?

You can use all electronic services of the University of Applied Sciences Trier (university e-mail account, WLAN, access to study platforms) after you have received your user ID (user ID = user name + password) from the IT service centre. You will receive it before the start of term. You can activate it online using this link (works only once). You will need your student ID for the process.

Should you have no option to use the online activation or should you receive an error message, you can activate it at the IT service point at campus Schneidershof, building G, Room 9 by presenting your student ID card.

Is there a computer room for student use?

102 PC workstations in 5 PC labs are provided for lectures by the IT service centre at campus Schneidershof in building G. Students can make use of these pcs when no lectures take place. More information on the use of the pc labs can be found on the pages of the IT service centre, pc-labs.

Additionally, some departments offer their own pc workstations. Ask a member of your department for more information.

Where can I borrow books and media? How does it work?

You can borrow books, magazines, e-books and more media from the university library in building B. To do that, you have to present your student ID on your first visit to activate your library account. You can find the current opening hours and further information on the webpages of the library.


Where and how can I print or copy?

You can print or plot in the rooms of the IT service centre at campus Schneidershof, building G by charging your print account beforehand. How to do that and what options to print or plot you have, you can find out on printing, plotting and scanning at the IT service centre.

You can also use a scanner or copier in the library in building B. More information under scanning and copying in the library.

Students of the design campus can also use printing facilities at the campus Paulusplatz. More information under printing service at campus Paulusplatz.

Where can I eat at the university?

You can eat either at the cantina on the main campus Schneidershof or at the cantina on campus Irminenfreihof.

Menu of the main campus Schneidershof (closed on weekends)

Menu Campus Irminenhof (closed on weekends and during lecture free periods)

Students of the design campus can also find a number of restaurants and snack bars within easy walking distance in the inner city.



Where can I park?

You can use the designated carparks P1, P2 and P4 of the main campus, the other car parks are reserved for university staff. You can gain access to the carparks using your student ID card. You can find the location of the car parks on the campus map of the main campus Schneidershof.

At the Irminenfreihof the public carpark it located opposite of the campus buildings, but it only offers a limited number of spaces.

Which public transport routes pass the university? Is there a semester ticket and how much is it?

The main campus of the University of Applied Sciences Trier, Schneidershof, is connected to the bus lines 12 and 14.

The design campuses at Irminenfreihof and Paulusplatz are connected to the bus lines 1,3,5,8,13 and 16 to Nikolaus-Koch-Platz. Both campuses are within easy walking distance of the inner city.

The current bus timetable of all buses in Trier can be found on the website of the VRT.

Your student ID also serves as a semester ticket. How much the ticket costs and up to which distances it can be used, you can find out on the pages of the student social service.

Is there a campus map and what are the opening hours of the buildings?

(Kopie 12)

There is a campus map for the main campus Schneidershof as well as for the Design Campus. Additionally, there is an interactive map with different points of interest.

The buildings on the main campus are open from Mondays to Fridays, 7am-8pm.

Outside the opening hours (at night-time or on weekends), you can still use the pc labs in building G with your student ID card or, if applicable, your staff ID. Simply hold your ID card infront of the of the card reader at the main entrance to building G (left door) and to the card reader at the entrance to the IT service centre, ground floor building G to open the respective doors.

The buildings at the design campus in the city how the following opening hours:

Irminenfreihof and Paulusplatz: 8am – 5pm

Building R: 8am – 4pm

Outside the opening hours, you can enter the buildings with your student ID card.

Where can I find my timetable? How do I register for lectures?

You can find your timetable and your course schedule on the webpages of your department or course.

If you want to register for a lecture, you can do so on Stud.IP. This video tutorial will show you how.

Where do I find information on semester dates and lecture times?

For information on current and future semester dates, visit this link. The dates and locations of lectures can be found on the central study platform Stud.IP, and will be visible to you once you have registered for the lectures.



Who represents the students within the university? Can I get involved?

Students are represented in most university committees. Important representative institutions of the students are the student parliament, the student union AStA and the student representatives of the departments. The members of these committees are elected.


What benefits am I entitled to as a student?

Apart from the semester ticket, which enables you to use the local public transport free of additional charges, you are entitled to the cultural semester ticket “DiMiDo”. This ticket of the student social service allows you to pick up unused tickets for cultural events of 14 partners all over town. Simply present your student ID 20 minutes before the event begins and pick up any remaining tickets for free. Just remember: it is called “DiMiDo” because this option is only available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (except for holidays). This offer is valid until September 2018. More information can be found on the website of the student social service under cultural semester ticket.



Are there exercise opportunities for free?

Die Studierenden der Trierer Hochschulen können an dem uniSPORT-Angebot der Universität Trier teilnehmen. Es gibt sowohl kostenfreie als auch kostenpflichtige Angebote. Nähere Informationen erhalten Sie auf den Internetseiten des uniSPORT.


How and where can I register for exams? What kinds of exams are there?

Bachelor and master students need to register for their exams using their user ID on the exam administration platform QIS.

The kind of exam differs by department and course. While some departments mainly prefer written exams, others may use different forms of exams such as portfolios or presentations. Check out the websites of your courses to find out about exam dates as well as exam forms.

What should I do if I fall ill on an exam day?

Should you fall ill on the day of your exam, you will have to present a medical certificate as well as the supplemental sheet for the submission of a medical certificate to the examination office located in the student administrative service.



Where can I get advice on financial support?

You can get information on governmental grants (BAföG) at the BAföG office in building J on the main campus. Opening hours and further information can be found under governmental grants (BAföG).

Further options and information on options to receive financial support can be found under scholarships and trusts.

How can I find accommodation?

Students looking for accommodation can apply for a room at one of the student halls serviced by the student social service. You can find more information on locations, prices and conditions under studibude trier.

You can also use the private letting agency of the student social services.

Can I study or do an internship abroad?

Questions on a period of study abroad or an internship abroad should be directed to the international academic office.



I have children, are there support opportunities for families?

The equality office fills you in on all services and support opportunities regarding families at the University of Applied Sciences Trier on their family service pages.



I have a disability of a chronic disease, who can I turn to?

Students with disabilities or suffering from chronic diseases are entitled to compensation measures. You can find more information on the webpage of the commissioner for the concerns of students with disabilities.



Whom can I turn to if I have trouble with my studies?

Students in difficult study situations or faced with difficulties in their private lives can turn to the psychological advice centre of the student social services.



Obscure terms: What’s AStA? What’s a department? And what is a head of department?

A first summary on university-related terminology can be found in the glossary on the website of the department of informatics.




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